1. A89

    customs on boxes of belongings?

    Does anyone know anything about or has anyone sent boxes of their household belongings from Turkey to UK ? It seems I may have been mistaken that I wouldnt be charged import duty . I thought, wrongly it seems, that import was only due on new items . :wow::35::33: alison
  2. B

    Android boxes

    It all seems to have gone a bit quiet on the old kodi, Android box, front so I thought I would see what everybody is doing at the moment. For myself I tend to use Terrarium 90% of the time though it seems to be getting fewer and fewer links, though is still working ok. Neptune Rising, Placenta...
  3. suzyq

    Ballot Boxes Moved

    A total of 93 ballot boxes have been moved in Turkey’s southeastern Şırnak province despite a previous decision by the Supreme Election Board (YSK) rejecting the relocation of polling stations for security reasons ahead of the upcoming Nov. 1 snap elections. Three neighborhoods in Şırnak’s...
  4. kemerkid

    Full PM Boxes!

    Sunny Seasider... Your PM box is full.
  5. bal canavar

    Shoe Boxes

    first the people who caught the thieves, policeman, prosecutors and detectives were sacked or ,transferred and lost careers . Then the thieves were set free without censure and now !!!! oh to be an untouchable AKP Money seized at Dec. 17 suspects’ homes to be returned with interest A...
  6. D

    Question about XMBC tv boxes

    Can someone enlighten me please ? We were told bt a friend to watch a video clip of an MX2 ANDROID TV BOX XMBC ... It all looks so impressive and the box cheap to buy, but it all seems to good to be true ? Looking on e bay there are 5 / 6 similar boxes (xmbc) all priced between £50 to £90...
  7. R

    Informant Boxes

    Hi, The Turkish Governments latest 'good idea' is to install 'street boxes' where you can go and anonomously inform upon your neighbours. Mr Erdogan has recently appealed to the population to inform on housewives etc banging pots and pans in support of the Gezi protests. This is like...
  8. Yalides

    My tool boxes and tools

    100TL or make me a sensible offer.
  9. S

    Yipee!! Boxes almost gone!!

    As wifey made me daily meals frozen in tupperware boxes to see me through my time alone here in Turkey whilst she went back to Ireland, I am pleased that the boxes are almost finished meaning wifey back soon and proper food again. Cant wait!!
  10. S

    Packing Boxes

    I'm busy unpacking our newly arrived stuff from UK and I have lots of boxes left over. I have flattened them and just wondered if any one needs any boxes. It seems a shame to burn them. I can bring them into Bodrum. BacktoBodrum: Name calling
  11. altinkum kev

    Dream boxes wanted

    Anyone out there have any dream boxes they want to sale please,in Didim area.
  12. E

    Shipping boxes

    Does anyone know of a company here in Turkey that would ship my clothes and footwear etc back to the UK?
  13. D

    Packing Boxes For Shipping

    Hi I am hoping that someone may be able to help my friend Who is returning to the UK very shortly and needs to source packing boxes to ship her belonging back here. The shipping company require the boxes to be uniform in size. I think she needs about 20 but I know she would be more than...
  14. D

    getting rid of bats!!!

    any advice for how to persuade them that a top roof corner behind a waste pipe from the terrace above is not a permenant nest? have just arrived back and they / it ? has taken up residence. i thought it was bird droppings all over the floor...wondered wh they were plain black pellets though...
  15. T

    safe deposit boxes

    hi.all.does anyone know if the bank or post office has safe deposit boxes as my apartment has no safe and need to keep money and valuables safe.i plan to take stirling over and dont fancy leaving it in apartment when out.
  16. N

    shipping a few boxes

    I know this subject has been touched on by others, but I am still a little confused by the importing personal effects rules. I am moving to Turkey from Hong Kong and have been looking for some way to ship maybe 4 to 5 boxes of personal belongings (not electrical). We looked into bringing extra...
  17. E

    Shipping boxes

    Does anyone know where I can buy shipping boxes so that I can send clothes back to the uk?
  18. G

    safety deposit boxes

    Does anyone know if you can rent a safety deposit box from the PTT, will be coming to turkey self catering, would feel better if I had somewhere safe to keep my money. Also any ideas on cost.
  19. tomc1984

    Boxes of chocolates

    It is the time of year when boxes of chocolates tend to be seen more in offices, school staff rooms etc. What is your favourite? I prefer Quality Street, but did once get off the kids a tin of Terry's chocolate orange segments, delcious, mmmmmmmmmmm.
  20. D

    receiver boxes.

    Hi everyone. Can anyone tell the best satelite/receiver box for british tv. Last year after experiencing many problems i was told the "baff" box was the best and had one fitted and tuned to Nilesat. When i was there in sept i could not get any signal for Nilesat. when i contacted the shop (...
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