1. G

    Android box tv

    Hi all just got a new android tv box from eBay, I bought a good one and now I can watch all the latest news films and tv plus kids tv shows and music. So now in lockdown I have something to watch apart from the standard tv,and the BEST thing is it's free, yes it's free just get the box and as...
  2. IbrahimAbi

    Check your First aid box

    For out of date stuff, before you need it. I am not talking about recently outdated, we are really not too bothered about sell by/use by dates, but there sre limits. i had a bit of a tumble in our field the other night in the dark. It was aided by a few Efes and the gardener moving a log so that...
  3. D

    Android Box.??

    I've just been looking to purchase on Amazon, an Android Box, that is compatible with BOTH Livenet & Mobdro but very few give you this information. Can anyone recommend a decent Box please..??
  4. S

    Mag Box

    Chewing over getting a Mag Box Its years since I had any droid boxes so have they improved at all or are they still very hit n miss for getting channels Anyone with any recent experience be glad to read your views
  5. B

    Android box problem

    Hi folks, I set up a few boxes for friends and neighbours but have just come across a problem I have not had before. I set up a new box no problem put it on my friends tv and it says no signal!! now his tv is a flat screen but it is about 7 years old, put his old box back on his tv and it comes...
  6. P

    Amazon fire 4K TV box

    Does anyone know if the Amazon fire 4k TV box works in Turkey. Amazon are not willing to ship it to Turkey and an Amazon customer forum suggested that it is not suitable for use in Turkey. I am aware that the old Firestick does work but was more interested in the newer model as my TV is 4K. An...
  7. kemerkid

    Traffic Box junctions in Turkey

    Turkey has created box junctions in major cities. 'Don't enter the box unless your exit is clear' Try explaining that to a Turk !!!
  8. S

    Sky+ Box

    I've brought a new Sky+ box over from UK, free from a relative who never completed the installation, so, I've never had a sky subscription in the UK. I am therefore in need of a suitable dish, cabling and installation in Akbuk. Any help or advise who to contact would be much appreciated. Also...
  9. Spurs

    Ballot Box

    Not before time, most of us know what's been going on it parts of Birmingham & has been for years. Ken Livingstone is either out of touch or just being complacent. Electoral fraud: Voters will have to show ID in pilot scheme - BBC News
  10. N

    mxpro box kodi 15

    Hi people i have 2 tv sets 1 has hdmi picture is not a problem 1 does not have hdmi so i connect using av cable< red white yellow > the trouble is i alter the display to suit the screen picture is good ,but when i change channel picture goes all large missing people off the screen as any body...
  11. K

    How to get Sky etc. in UK using a Fire box.

    Having fallen on reduced circumstances I face having to cancel my Sky Sports subscription. I have seen various threads suggesting that it is possible to hack these boxes and receive the premium channels. Can anyone please help?
  12. N

    mxpro tv box

    mxpro tv box -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi hope you dont mind me asking for help : MY SON PUT THIS ON IT SAYS ADDON UPDATED FOR MOBDRO : got mobdro on my add on listing on mxpro tv box when i select it says mobdro error check the log...
  13. SAMIMI

    Andrea and John Smith - POST BOX

    Does anyone know of these two people in the Turgutreis area? We recently got a new mail box at the local PTT office. However, when we went to the box today there were a lot of letters for these people. If anyone knows then, can you please tell them that their mail is at the PTT office. I was...
  14. N

    mxpro box add on screen not able to view fix please

    hi people my addon page i cant view as it is off the screen to the left can some one tell me the fix to bring it back on to screen so i can view on the screen to select programe to view.
  15. N

    mxpro box using red yellow white leads

    Hi all i have a 42 tv it does not have hdmi socket so i connect my box via red yellow and white leads straight from box to tv trouble is picture allways appears more to the right of the screen and not dead centre when i connect to my other tv via hdmi lead picture stays in the middle any...
  16. B

    Reflash a Q7 Android TV Box

    Hello out there anybody reflashed a Q7 android box if so how?
  17. D

    For sale ikea outdoor table in box

    Hi Bought to furnish new apartment last week from ikea in ismir and to big for balcony . Search results - IKEA Suit a villa or larger terrace I like my small balcony :) . Paid 400ytl plus delivery and still boxed .....accept 200 lira if you collect this week from dalyan . PM me for details...
  18. F

    Garden storage box

    Hi. Can anyone suggest where I can buy a waterproof (plastic) garden storage box in Marmaris? Thanks for any suggestions.
  19. D

    xbmc box

    hi, i have one of those XBMC android boxes which seems to have lost its way again. does anyone know of a link to reset, or can some write here a step by step guide on how to reset the box again please???? :hmm: thanks.
  20. R

    Best satalite box to buy to receive UK channels

    We have just arrived in Didim and looking to buy satellite box to receive UK ITV And BBC channels to view our favourite programmes. Can any one recommend a company or person who can install and set up for us. There is no WiFi in the complex so IPTV not an option as yet. A simple digi box at a...
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