1. Jaycey

    10-pin bowling

    Are there any 10-pin bowling groups in Alanya? Or would anybody like to get together for a game sometime (we are enthusiastic rank amateurs) Jaycey & Valentyna :yipee:
  2. G

    Tennis & tenpin bowling

    does anyone know where we can play tennis/ bowling. I know some hotels or apartment complexes have tennis courts but can anyone use them if they pay? cheers
  3. Sunny Seasider

    Ten Pin Bowling

    We have some friends coming to stay in Yalikavak in September, they are keen Ten Pin Bowling players. Does anyone know if there are any in the Yalikavak area, they will be hiring a car so fair distance will not matter. As it's not one of our past-times, I've not taken much interest before...
  4. S

    10 pin bowling

    Someone mentioned 10 in bowling - and I gather that there is an alley at Oasis Shopping centre in Bodrum. anyone been, and what is it like? Ours has been closed for 18 mths and the kids have withdrawal symptoms... :tigger:
  5. B

    bodrum bowling alley

    Well were going on a trip to bodrum tomorrow have got a private bus and us altinkum lot are going bowling in bodrum then shopping weeeeeee then the metro . So eny you bodrumites no good places to eat and how much is the EFES this is for the men lol eny body been to the bowling alley ? :36...
  6. lorraine

    10 pin Bowling Olu Deniz

    Today I went 10 Pin Bowling in Olu Deniz, it has taken me 18months to get there and only 12km away!! I dont know what I was expecting, probably something antiquated with scoring by 'abacus' but was pleasantly surprised. There was only 6 lanes but the equipement is bang up todate! The price...
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