1. Mojive

    Bournemouth Seafront Yesterday:-)

    Just put these on the weather thread.... Just thought I may share them with anyone else who wanted to see where I can go if the fancy takes me which it did yesterday:roundgrin: It was a beautiful morning and the surfers were out as well as plenty of locals taking a break from the Christmas...
  2. Mojive

    Bournemouth Air Show Red Arrow crashes pilot feared Dead!

    Red Arrow crashes at Bournemouth Airport after display at Bournemouth Air Festival (From Bournemouth Echo) Sorry this has made me feel sick and very sad!!!! Mo xx
  3. L

    flights Bournemouth or Southampton to Bodrum ?

    we usually fly out of Bristol to Bodrum but I've realised we could quite easily get to Bournemouth or Southampton airports within 90 mins too. Does anyone take flights to Bodrum from either of these airports ? If so when do they stop flying ? Thanks in advance x
  4. S

    New Altinkum - Bournemouth member

    Hi, I am a new member, so I guess I had better do the new member bit and introduce myself. I am Jon, I own a 3 bedroom Duplex in Altinkum and have owned it for a couple of years now. Unfortunately I do not get over there very often due to the demands of my business, but then again the fruits...
  5. T

    Goldtrail - Bournemouth to Dalaman

    The flights from 6/5/08 to 8/7/08 are cancelled. Still taking bookings from 15/7/08.
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