1. M

    Aydin to Altinkum Boulevard.

    I'm traveling to Aydin Sunday 15th October, arriving 1.30pm, does anyone know the number and time of buses to Altinkum Boulevard. Thanks
  2. oldfogy

    Ataturk Boulevard will be close tomorrow (Sunday)

    Don't know anything else except the message just over the street loadspeaker according to the pool man who gave me his translation is that: Ataturk Boulevard will be close tomorrow (Sunday)
  3. alison09400

    New Style Boulevard

    A few of you will know that the road leading down from the Devlet Hospital to the start of the marina has been resurfaced with a new roundabout, shrubbery etc, well it seems the resurfacing is going to continue right along the boulevard. We're also going to get a tramway which according to...
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