1. E

    American plane been bought down.

    American plane has been brought down by the Taliban.
  2. IbrahimAbi

    Honey I bought some new wheels...

    For our honeymoon:- Bridegroom?s homemade limousine meets dead end
  3. juco

    I bought a drone

    I bought a drone off Ebay but damned if I can get it to fly.
  4. ScoobyZ

    Just bought in Dalyan!

    Hi, Been lurking for a while and read and got lots of great tips on Turkey. I have been going for quite a few years and have really like Dalyan so have bought a Holiday Home / (maybe) rental property. Buying with Sunray who seem very reputable and hope to finalise he transaction in November...
  5. A

    anyone bought property in North Cyprus?

    Hi, has anyone on here bought property in North Cyprus, and has there been any problems?
  6. J

    Will Turkish bought Samsung TV work in the UK?

    I know people have asked before about UK TV's working here in Turkey - but what about the other way around - will a Samsung TV bought here in Turkey (not a SMART TV) work in the UK?? Thanks in advance!!
  7. christella

    First record you bought

    Mine was apache still one of the best old time recordings
  8. K

    Help - Bought property in Tuzla through Nokta properties

    My name is Helen. i am a widow with 2 dependant children yasemin and zaina. i lost their father ender in 2005 in a traffic accident. since i purchased a house in mersin and 1 apartment in bodrum. tuzla through nokta properties who have since gon bankrupt. i have a shell of a building and they...
  9. beyazbayan

    Husband, 64, 'bought luxury Turkish holiday home

    •Andrew Baker, 64, invested £94,000 on holiday villa in Bodrum, court heard •He also allegedly bought an aviary and hid £25,000 in a gun cupboard •Prosecutor says wife conned cash from Princess Grace Hospital, London Spain used to be the Costa del Crime is it now Bad Boys Bodrum.
  10. bickern

    Weetabix bought by China's Bright Food

    My favorite by a mile, in fact I wish I could by them locally here. ------------------------------------------------ China's Bright Food has bought a controlling stake in Weetabix, which owns the breakfast cereal brand as well as Alpen and Ready Brek. Bright Food will take a 60% stake in...
  11. A

    anyone actually bought a property without problems?

    It seems on here all doom and gloom with people getting ripped off all the time Can I ask has anyone bought a property that went OK with estate agents, lawyers etc Does anyone actually live in Turkey happy ?
  12. C

    Foreigner just bought a small business

    I recently purchased a small guest house in Istanbul and have been faced with numerous problems regarding the issue of work permits. I do not work in the guest house and employ 3 turkish people as its only small. I am awaiting my appointment for ikama which had a 5 months waiting time.. and am...
  13. B

    bought in Akbuk

    Hi I am in the process of purchasing duplex in Acbuk which is now being built,should be ready April 2013, its in part exchange for the one i owned in didum, the builder is Zaza Cetin, seems a good guy, havent met anyone yet with a bad word to say about his deals? yet, We are so looking forward...
  14. B

    In Hine Sight we should have bought it then!

    Hello to all, Last year in Istikbal in ortaca, we saw a black and white sofa suite, which we both really liked, but decided not to purchase because our house was not ready. Obviously now we find this particular suite is not available, i.e. end of line, campaign. Can anybody please advise if...
  15. perfect1949

    what is the most expensive ever present bought for you at Xmas

    I was bought a solid gold ring , what was your's ? . dave
  16. T

    Anyone bought or sold without solicitor

    Has anyone bought or sold the Turkish way? You know just arrive at the Tapu office with a bag of money and sign over the Tapu. Assuming Military clearance has been granted for Yabancis. Anyone like to share their experiences. What do people think of it?
  17. yalimart

    uk bought wireless n modem router

    Hi has anyone taken and used a uk bought modem/router, i am thinking of taking a netgear wireless n modem as the range on the tt net supplied one is pretty poor and only has one lan port more concerned about the type of adsl signal than the actual wireless between devices thanks in advance martin
  18. suecheshireuk

    one way ticket bought 3 Jan 2011

    Hi guy's , Life is rushing along at 100 MPH and all being well we will be on the plane 3 Jan, we are just looking for somewhere cheap and cheerful for a couple of months between Yalikavak and gumusluk, or round abouts. If anyone needs any painting/decorating or other bits and pieces doing we...
  19. v6cod

    Bought a car without a residence visa

    Don't ask me how I got it but I have now got a fully registered car in my name without a residence visa or number. Prior to purchasing questions were asked at the Police station and the notary office in Ortaca, both came back with the answer no you don't need a residence visa. I therefore...
  20. christella

    Bought a new car today(what a disaster)

    we bought a lovely new car today a Volvo c30 1.6dR-design and put our Suzuki swift i part exchange when we did the hand over we both left our house keys on the car keys we handed over to the salesman so leaving the garage round to tesco then got home just after 6 the garage closed at 6 and we...
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