1. bickern

    Mother who died after a 'bottom lift' at a Turkish clinic

    Such a shame but people forget that surgery of any kind carries grave risk. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A self-conscious mother who died after a £3,000 'bottom lift' at a Turkish clinic was paranoid about her stomach after having...
  2. Spurs

    Top gun or bottom?

    Do you think the tower were screaming at Joker? Norwegian fighter jet mistakenly machine-guns control tower | World news | The Guardian
  3. KKOB

    Turkey Bottom Of League For Broadband

    With an average download speed of just 3.5 Mbps, Britain has been ranked 26th in the world by Akamai’s ‘The State of the Internet (Q3-2009)’ report. Japan, Finland and Sweden made up the top three countries with the widest provision of high-speed broadband and Belgium, Turkey and Mexico made...
  4. gipsybabe

    Beds that raise up from the bottom for storage!

    Hi Does anyone in the Bodrum area know where you can get these beds at a reasonable price. We went into a store on the main bodrum road last week and were quoted 1000 YTL for a double. Is this a good price? Would like to pay that for 2! Thanks
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