1. S

    Bottled Gas Fire/Heaters

    Does anyone use one of these as their main form of heating, if so roughly how long does the gas bottle last please? Are the ones with an electric convector better do you think?
  2. B

    Price of bottled gas

    Hi folks, Could anyone tell us the current price of bottled gas? Although we appreciate that things do go up, we were charged 70tl today which seemed much more then what we paid last time. Many thanks
  3. D

    Bottled Gas Safety Warning

    This may seem obvious to some, but we recently smelled gas in the kitchen & then the bottle ran out after only a couple of weeks. When the service engineers came they told us that the hose from hob to bottle should be replaced every 3 years, something we had never given a thought to.
  4. B

    Bottled or tap water?

    Heading to Gumbet in 2 weeks and was wondering if the tap water is ok to drink or should i just stick to bottled..? And is it ok to brush teeth/make tea with etc.......... :hmm:
  5. L

    Bottled Water

    Can anyone tell me how long water keeps once open. I have a water cooler machine in the apartment which I switched off when I left. It has 3/4 of a bottle of the large water still sitting on it. Normally I throw any left over water onto the garden but was told it would be ok as I would be back...
  6. P

    bottled Water for Babies ?

    I didnt know that a lot of Bottled water is not suitable for Babies. ( Apparently there is a lot of sodium and calcium at levels which can harm babies,because their kidnies cant cope with them. Anyway my granddaughter ( 7 months ) is coming to Yalikavak with us in April. It would seem that...
  7. Y

    Bottled Water

    Can anyone please advise me of the best place in Yalikavak to buy the large bottles of water (those that use the manual pump on the top). I think we have been significantly overcharged by villa management company for the supply of these and would like to buy them direct. thanks
  8. ted j

    bottled gas

    Used The Barbecue At Teatime And Just Wondered About All You Guys That Use Bottled Gas For Your Cooking, Do You Turn It Off And On At The Bottle Each Time You Use It? Ted:hmm:
  9. bickern

    Bottled Channel water... £10

    At £10 a bottle, it is certainly a lot cheaper than Chanel. But this is Channel – English Channel to be precise. Pharmaceutical experts are selling its water to Americans as a ‘nasal cleanser’ Bottled Channel water... the £10 cure for blocked noses | Mail Online Anyone fancy buying some?
  10. kuskaz

    Bottled gas Fires

    We have 2 gas fires for sale 100 ytl each, we dont need them any more just had central heating fitted, im sure some will need them cos it gets cold here at winter time!! we live in the kusadasi area and we can deliver if needed
  11. merlin

    Limescale in bottled water.... Why?

    Answering my own question here to some extent but you know those big bottles of water we all use (18Lt) the ones that get delivered to our sites and apartments daily well, I dont understand if they are supposed to be like spring water, why do I still get limescale deposits building up in my...
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