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    Banks Borrow €1 Trillion

    The European Central Bank Provided/Printed €1 Tn today and pumped it into over 500 EU banks to stop them going to the wall. Isn’t it baffling whilst all this effort is being made to print money and bail out banks none of it is being channelled into the real economy, I.e small business or Tax...
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    on the borrow!!

    I hope I don't offend anyone with this post but wanted to ask anyone in the Tugutreis area if we could borrow/hire a patio table that seats six for one week 4th to 11th August. One of those plastic oblong ones will be fine. We went to Koctas and Metro but they wanted 200ytl and as we only need...
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    can I borrow your drill!

    I can picture you lot laughing! Our luggage space is maxed out due to the new curtains and bed clothes and everything else bar the kitchen sink. Pride of place is out welcome plaque which is to de drilled in to the wall as well as beautiful paintings I bought that I'm trying to pass off as...
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