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    When Boris was younger he was bullied, he said to the kids when you grow up I'll have you in Tiers
  2. Freedom 49

    Boris's Baby

    A pal from Britain e.mailed earlier to tell me that Boris's baby arrived this morning. It's a boy. Congratulations to Boris and his fiance. Just a thought........I know he's only just returned to work after getting over the Coronavirus but, is he not entitled to take time out now for Paternity...
  3. bickern

    Boris Johnson's Turkish homeland

    He may be the heir to Number 10, but to the residents of this remote Anatolian village Boris Johnson is a ‘Turk from Kalfat’. Sitting high among the hills of the Anatolian plateau, the small Turkish village of Kalfat is a far cry from Westminster’s corridors of power. This sleepy community...
  4. bickern

    Boris - Tories - What now?

    Well I have for the most part held Boris to be an embarrassment and a buffoon, hot on that opinion was the fact he is a notorious liar. Now I have to reflect on what he has achieved against the odds, so what am I missing? London Mayor and then PM is no mean achievement. Apparently he is going...
  5. mollag

    Boris's new bridge

    Not content with the London garden bridge fiasco, Boris now suggests a bridge from Scotland to Ireland, Stranraer to Larne, do you think Boris knows that that Northern Channel is one of the most heavily polluted areas of the world with dumped munitions, I'm guessing he does but doesnt care, it...
  6. mollag

    Boris's fibs

    So it's an EU regulation about kippers through the post that makes it essential we leave the. EU. Snag is that the aforesaid reg is actual a UK reg, nothing to do with the EU. He also said Manx curers complained to him, they all deny this, there aren't many and they cannot keep up with orders...
  7. croftj

    Boris Car Crash Interview

    The TLF Klan are remarkably quiet today about Boris's bumbling interview on Radio 4 yesterday. Wonder if/when they wake from their slumber, they will give him the same treatment they dished out re Diane Abbott (who I think was rightly slated BTW for her interviews) :42::hearnoevi
  8. Jaycey


    U.K. Foreign Secretary Johnson To Visit Russia In Coming Weeks “U.K. officials say Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson will visit Russia in the coming weeks, but they said he would not drop his tough line on Moscow’s involvement in Syria and Ukraine… Johnson has regularly criticized Russia...
  9. bickern

    Boris here, I've come to work at MI6.

    From the Fleet Street Fox. "What ho, Bond! Cocking up the EU was not enough, so I've come to work at MI6!" In his office deep within the MI6 building at Vauxhall, James Bond polished his handgun. His cruel, ladykilling lips curled as he thought of the new Prime Minister, Theresa May, and her...
  10. yalimart

    Boris the Buffoon

    So the American Turk shows his class, a true statesman. Johnson Writes Crude Poem About Turkish Leader How can anyone take this clown seriously ? Martin
  11. bickern

    Message from Boris

    The great thing about Americans is that they get to the point. They don’t go for the delicate hint. Last week in Washington I was left in no doubt by a series of politicians – Democrats and Republicans alike – that they love Britain; they love coming to London; they believe as ardently as I do...
  12. v6cod


  13. KKOB

    Anyone Seen Boris ?

    Apparently Boris Johnson is holidaying in the area. Anyone spotted him?,1003,boris-governs-london-from-a-yacht-in-turkey,29774
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