1. immac

    Cameron Is Bored

    David Cameron is bored, we are told, so he wants to get back into politics - perhaps as Foreign Secretary. But not yet: he will wait until Mrs May is out on her ear. I expect he remembers how well it all went before he bailed out in a huff. Only May has managed to save him from being the worst...
  2. S

    Current Irish Politics-Warning do not read if you're easily bored or not au fait!

    Sleepy thought it best we kept this to our own thread Anyways I bet Shinners are praying Snarlene doesn't resign!!!!!
  3. S


    Bit bored Any craic to liven me up ???????


    Morning all. I'm bored and in the spare room cos Victor is snoring for Scotland :( Maybe i should've have babysat then i would have had something to do, like feed wee Alfie thru the night. Oh well, roll on the morning :35: Jeannie
  5. N

    bored in Tosmur, Alanya

    Hi everyone, I am a Turkish guy, an Istanbulite, who have been stuck to this hot and humid place called Alanya (Tosmur to be exact) -where my family lives- until I find myself a dream job back home. I studied philosophy, copywriting and film studies at Bogazici and I kind of find the social...
  6. arrian

    so, so bored!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the weather has been lovely for the last week and i've had a lot going on for me. been taken out twice by some of my family, went to one of my grand daughters for her birthday, had a party at the weekend, my brother and his wife took me out for the day on Wednesday, and i've had a lovely week...
  7. D

    Life in Turkey? are you bored,discontent or happy with your lot here?

    İ was just wondering how people actually feel about their decision to live full time in Turkey? İn general i am happy but i lack the company of my fellow countrymen. İn my world i am completely surrounded by Turks and sometimes i wish i could just go down the pub with a Brit and waffle on about...
  8. qwerty


    "Bored people feel that their actions are meaningless and so they are motivated to engage in meaningful behaviour," But when people feel meaningless, Van Tilburg found that they are more likely to engage in behaviour they believe will re-establish their sense of meaningfulness. They do not, he...
  9. Lillylilly

    One day we was bored!!!

    A couple of years ago me and im indoors got bored and made a little video. It would be a worthy contender for BGT rejects - He was being very serious and did not know what I was up to - enjoy or cringe if you dare. :animation YouTube - SUMMER WINE PAUL AND KIM
  10. S

    Wife ecstatic-Hubby bored stiff!

    Why is it that there are certain things in life which the fairer sex are soo enthralled by whilst us fellas just dont get the buzz Case in point-our soggy house saga has now reached the -pick new floors, pick new suites, pick new bedroom furniture etc-and deadliest boring off all-pick a new...
  11. S

    I'm bored

    I'm bored. Anyone fancy guessing the song titles and artists of these lyrics and posting some of your own. He's gonna give up the booze and the one night stands. You made a first class fool out of me. Would you cry if you saw me crying. And you think you've had enough of this life People...
  12. peter the postie


    Yes I am. Sundays are cack without footie :( I think I'll pop out for a kebab.
  13. P

    How to entertain a bored cat

    Elvis is bored. He is our HUGE recently adopted tabby who is not impressed with the constant rain here over the past few weeks. In an effort to entertain him (and stop him beating up the dogs) we have shown him every corner of both garages including dark corners where mice might lurk and all the...
  14. peter the postie

    Great site for bored kids

    Just found a site that will keep kids happy while its raining outside Linky
  15. P

    I'm Bored

    been stuck in all day, weathers not to good and arthritis is playing up so I'm pretty bored am I a troll? I hpe not, but I do fancy a nice little argument any takers? if not I'll just have to go to the pub
  16. lara

    Bored and want work

    Not sure what kind of work I want to do or what there is available, but I'm bored and I'm still getting up at the crack of dawn. I have Turkish citizenship, so no problem there. But what is there? Any suggestions, keep it clean.:thumbup:
  17. KKOB

    When Students Get Bored

    AKQA Micro-Advert
  18. KKOB

    When Shepherds Get Bored.

    What Shepherds Do When They Get Bored
  19. peter the postie

    Bored, aggravated, angry, & ashamed

    All of the above apply having watched the Pompey & city match. City were beaten AGAIN away from home, and by a very poor Portsmouth team too. Just the same style of play, all passing and no penetration. I have resisted up to now, but its gone beyond a joke so I think I best just say it...
  20. chesney

    Bored Bored Bored

    It's come to that time of year again all the shops and bars are closing and the tourists are disappearing and well I hate to say it but OMG I am bored bored bored! As most of you know I work in the UNI bar and I was told about a month ago that it would shut for 10 days for refurb! I'm still...
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