1. Tenpin

    News Hundreds of trucks divert route amid Ukraine war

    Not Dover.....but a similar situation (i.e. long queues). Hundreds of trucks divert route amid Ukraine war Extract: Hundreds of international and local freight trucks are diverting their route to avoid...
  2. mollag

    Irish Hard Border, consequences?

    It is starting to look like a hard border separating the Island of Ireland is almost a reality :hand:, any thoughts on the fallout from this should it occur? I cannot see it being anything but negative for all concerned. We will have hard borders between the UK and all EU members, can anyone...
  3. Tenpin

    American Isis suspect stuck on border ‘not our problem’, says Erdoğan An alleged American member of Islamic State, stranded for a second day on the border between Greece and Turkey after Turkey expelled him, is “not our problem”, the Turkish...
  4. S

    Turkish border migrant increase
  5. immac

    Border between NI and Republic

    For all the guff being thrown up over this non-problem, it turns out that the EU has published its own solution which UK accepts (link below). It is called "Smart Border 2.0. Avoiding a hard border on the island of Ireland for customs control and the free movement of persons" It is based upon...
  6. M

    The Irish Border

    Just wondering how the Brits are going to square the circle on this one and keep the DUP on board.
  7. Alexander

    Ipsala Border Crossing

    Hi all. I am thinking about driving to Thessaloniki. Has anybody got anithing to say about Ipsala border checkpoint? And one more thing: do they sell Green Card insurance policies there or should I buy one here in Bodrum? Thank you in advance. A
  8. N

    Urgent advice re buying a green card at the border.

    I am just about to set off on my annual drive to Turkey and my insurers have refused to give me a green card to cover Turkey stating the underwriters are refusing because of the recent troubles. It is being appealed by my insurance company but does anyone know the cost of buying a green card at...
  9. suzyq

    Turkey pull back troops from Iraqi border

    Turkey has pulled 350 troops back from the Turkish-Iraqi border after reaction from Baghdad over the deployment of more Turkish soldiers in Mosul. The troops were waiting on the border and will be sent to Iraq if Ankara and Baghdad agreed on the issue, sources told Hürriyet Daily News...
  10. suzyq

    Turkish Border Problems

    Seems like Turkey isn't about to seal it's borders anytime soon. Turkey gives the cold shoulder to US proposal to seal Syria border - MIDEAST
  11. suzyq

    Home Office Failed Border Scheme

    The Home Office has been criticised for failing to complete a project to boost UK border security - despite spending at least £830 million on it. The e-borders scheme was meant to collect and analyse data on everyone travelling to and from the UK before they arrive at ports and airports. But...
  12. kemerkid

    Turkey shoots down Russian fighter jet on Syrian border

    Turkey has this morning reportedly shot down Russian war plane over an area which is yet to be determined. Turkey with it's growing number of enemies is heading down a bottonless pit. Its two governments, AKP and the Presidents office is Hell bent on suicide.
  13. C

    Contacting Kapikule border police

    Hello, any Turks or Turkish speakers that could help me find a mail address to the border Police at Kapikule (the main crossing with Bulgaria)? I want to ask them what nationalities can cross Kapikule with only ID Cards. The Turkish MFA, several embassies and the Turkish national Police have...
  14. R

    Car Insurance in Turkey

    Hi I was wondering if anyone could provide UPDATED information on car insurance for a UK car in Turkey? Any info on forums seems to be from a couple of years ago and worried things might have changed. I understand I can get car insurance from the border 3rd party however DO NOT want 3rd party...
  15. T

    Lebanon's Border Controls Could Force More Syrian Refugees to Turn to Traffickers

    A dreadful situation. A quarter of Lebanon's population are immigrants and they cannot copy with the number of people entering the country. Lebanon has taken more refugees than Turkey they have taken between 1.1 - 1.6 million refugees. Article extract: Lebanon has a population of 4.5 million...
  16. RedBloodedHound

    Border Strikes.

    BBC News - Islamic State crisis: New strikes near Syria-Turkey border
  17. T

    Closed border again & protests

    Apparently the Turkish have closed the border to stop Kurdish people entering Turkey, guess they only want ISIS inside Turkey. There are protests in Beyoglu Istanbul today protesting about the closed border and about Turkish government's stance regarding ISIS. There are Turkish and Kurdish...
  18. J

    bosnia border insurance

    hello ev1 getting ready for my annual drive to turkey but this time via bosnia and montenegro. and was wondering if anyone here has done this route if so how much was the insurance at the border crossing? also any other advice is much appreciated thanks
  19. L

    Turkish E-visa starts. Border visa ends.

    From YellAli web site dated 12th December 2013 New regulation on e-visa procedure comes into force Following on from YellAli’s article about the new e-visa – “E-visa – Are you Ready?” We can now confirm this new procedure will come into effect.

 YellAli has today received confirmation...
  20. newhorizon

    Turkey builds wall on Syrian border to stem illegal migration

    Turkey is building a two-meter high wall along part of its border with Syria near an area of frequent fighting to try to stop people from illegally bypassing its checkpoints and prevent smuggling, officials said on Monday. Construction workers with excavators began digging foundations in...
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