1. bickern

    The return of the BOOZE CRUISE!

    The return of the BOOZE CRUISE! Calais is planning to make whole city DUTY-FREE to entice UK shoppers across channel to take advantage of cheap alcohol and cigarettes post Brexit. Mayor Natacha Bouchart wants a tax free area that takes in the whole port city. Calais has launched an ambitious...
  2. S

    Booze prices in Turkey

    Went into a bar in Fethiye today Bottle of Miller, 33cl 35 lira- thats roughly €5.40 Same drink in Spain regular price €1.95, weekly offer price €1 Madness
  3. mollag

    Scots booze.

    Firstoff I have to declare Scots ancestry and that I am effectivly teetotal----these days, so I have no ulterior motives for this thread. With the news that Scotland will impose a minimum price on alcohol, will this create a new crime of booze border smuggling, rather than solve the social...
  4. S

    Spanish cheap booze

    A timely warning re the dangers of cheap booze A fella I know, errrm, Fred yeah Fred- came across a bar yesterday which does like many in Spain has a weekly cheap list with different offers on different days Well most didn't apply to Frank as I or rather he only drinks beers never spirits or...
  5. A

    Booze at Burger King in UK

    Alcohol will be served at Burger King = Burger King UK will soon be serving alcohol with your Whopper | Metro News
  6. perfect1949

    there is no such thing as cheap booze in turkey now

    a create of efes is now 80 TL after the deposit as been taken off it works out at 3.33 a bottle , the cheapest bottle of wine is just under 10 TL . how the restaurants and bars are going to survive god only knows . dave
  7. scotssteve

    Lunatic Councillors - Booze Cruise TO England

    Just remember They want to invite Bus loads of alcohol driven tourists across the border I couldn't make this one up!!!!!!!! read on loony:
  8. skydog

    Booze Matters..........

    Nanny Knows Best I am heartily sick and tired of Nanny's daily spewing forth of anti drink propaganda, as indeed are many of my loyal readers. However, it seems that Nanny may have a point about the dangers of cut price alcohol fuelled violence. Last night a middle aged male head-butted...
  9. altinkum kev

    Dodgy booze

    Gendarmerie followed a van from Izmir to Hisaronu. When the two men in the van went from place to place trying to sell the alcohol that was stored in jerry cans they were being watched the whole time. It was when the well known haunt, the “Grand Boozy” agreed a price and began to unload the cans...
  10. E

    Booze ad ban

    Sorry wasnt able to quot the link on this but it is in Jan 7 online edition of Hurriyet. Basically, a ban on the advertisement of alcohol means that Efes Pilsner may no longer be sponsoring the Turkish basketball team.
  11. ted j

    Booze now!!!

    Now the supreme beings that control our lives have got their way with smoking, they've turned their attention to the demon drink (I did warn you this would happen, give it 3 years). Ted Alcohol 'more harmful than heroin or crack' | Society | The Guardian
  12. S

    Brits, booze and balconies...

    What is it with drunk british holiday makers and swinging off balconies? The Press Association: Briton dies in hotel balcony fall Thats about 5 cases I have read about in the last couple of months and there are probably more that didn't make it into the papers.

    Warning,Re Booze out of Turkey !!!!

    Be warned everyone,Just got back from Altinkum, Asked at the passport control if we had any water or cola .Said we had and it was taken off us before we went through the scanner,(although they didnt spot my water bottle full of wine)Well they only asked for water/cola ??? Anyway the point i am...
  14. peter the postie

    booze at bodrum

    I've got a couple of unopened bottles old vodka. Does anyone know if it's ok to take them back through bjv in my hand luggage, or would it be confiscated???
  15. J

    Booze Buying

    Hi everyone Were do you all buy your booze when in Turkey, we have always gone to Metro to stock up at the start of our hols, although last year we went to the local large supermarket and the wine we usually buy was on special offer and was a lot cheaper that Metro, I have found this at home as...
  16. Fendouglas

    Bad News - No Booze

    During the forthcoming Elections on 22 July there will be no alcohol served in Turkey between 0600 - Midnight :307bt:
  17. G

    Prices of booze

    I'm listening to Capitol radio and they are quoting prices for drinks in and around London. Epsom £15 for 2 glasses of wine. London nightclub £28 for 2 beers and a red bull. The club that Gail and hubby go to £1.80 for pint of John Smiths and a gin and tonic. I know where I will keep going...
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