1. K

    Turkey property boom

    Many of you agree with this ?
  2. J

    Yalikavak New Boom Town

    An article in today's Times newspaper, under the Property section. Sorry I can't send a link but I don't subscribe online to the Times.
  3. Mushtaq

    UK House price boom continues with 5.4% nationwide rise

    House price boom continues with 5.4% nationwide rise driven by big increases in the South East and West Midlands. House prices are rising across the UK driven by continued increases in the value of properties in London, the South East and the West Midlands. Homeowners will be encouraged by...
  4. J

    Boom!!! Here we come party party!!!

    3 Irish guys going to Alanya 21-08-11 aged between 21-25 any girls interested in partying irish style going crazy for a week get in touch!!!!!!!! ITS GONNA BE WICKED!!!!!!!!! :loony::tigger:
  5. Tommie

    Turkish property boom set to continue

    Extract from an article published on "At a recent press conference, held by the Turkish Real Estate Investing Partners Association (GYODER), it was revealed that property sales in Turkey to foreigners in 2010 were up 40% reaching sales of $2.5 billion compared to the...
  6. V

    All Inclusive Boom?

    The annual fight by holiday companies for more business saw Thomas Cook today advertising "Half Price" on All Inclusives to Turkey for 2011 - with a week in May for only £285 including flights, luggage, transfers, accommodation, local drinks, food etc According to the email I received today...
  7. KKOB

    Cactus Sales Boom Because of Radiation !!

    According to the Oludeniz Post, cactus sales are booming because the plants absorb radiation! Oludeniz Post - Cactus Sales Increase in Fethiye Personally I think a certain garden centre owner has found a good way of moving some over-ordered stock. :wink: The reply to a similar statement on...
  8. Sweetnighter

    A boom in tourism 2009

    I watchd a TV programme recently regarding the weakness of the pound against the Euro and how this would effect British holiday makers and their decisions as to where to go.Turkey was highlighted several times as a cheap and good alternative destination.....good news for...
  9. S

    Property in Turkey: Turkey hesitates on brink of its big boom

    From yesterday's Daily telegraph - thoughts please?
  10. R

    Current Property Prices, Investment Boom...... or Bust!!

    I have not seem much discussion on any forum about this topic, but surely most of us are at least inquisitive or are prices/ values a tabu (not tapu) subject (no pun intended). We purchased in April 2005 (off plan) at a time when those who had purchased a year or two earlier were commenting...
  11. C

    Boom in Turkish delight sales

    JTW News The Boom in Turkish Food Sector According to Britain's supermarkets, the appearance of Turkish delight in the movie, The Chronicle's of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe led a rising demand and the delights in the shelves run short of. Tesco has reported that sales...
  12. C

    Turkey hopes tourism boom helps it EU bid

    CNN Jan and Anita de Bruyne stood outside the Haghia Sophia, a magnificent 6th century building that was once the world's largest church but is now a museum in a country that is 99 percent Muslim. But the Dutch tourists weren't going inside. "I've seen it too many times," said Anita. Jan said...
  13. G

    Interesting Article comparing Turkey with the Spanish 90's property boom

    TURKEY TAKES WING Where Spain was once the new kid on the block, Turkey is the next generation coming through to steal a part of its thunder as cheaper prices and increasing accessibility make it the latest hotspot In the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, the investment of huge amounts of both...
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