1. L

    Lots of English reading books I want to give to an expat Bodrum

    Hi All, Over time I have accumulated a lot of books, easy read womens, and also lots of biographies (sports people etc). Too good to throw away. Anyone interested in having some? Free, would just need to meet to give to in Bodrum merkez area only.
  2. immac

    10 Best Books

    The Guardian is listing 10 books: "These novels – and one classical epic – evoke the cities, landscapes and cultures of Turkey ‘you’re unlikely to find on a beach holiday." Ian
  3. bickern

    Good Autobiography Books

    Tom Bower. Dangerous Hero: Corbyn’s Ruthless Plot for Power. HarperCollins Publishers. Kindle Edition. Well, I will settle down to this in a couple of days as I have just downloaded it but am currently 3/4 through another book, The New Sultan: Erdogan and the Crisis of Modern Turkey by Soner...
  4. B

    Books and Authors

    Keeping it up. By Eric Shon.
  5. A

    Children's Books for Sale at 5 TL each in SIDE

    I have found a few kiddies books here in England which I will be taking with me to Side when I fly there on 28th February and I'll be in Side until 26th May. These are the books for sale at 5 TL each ... (1) 5 x Little Miss small paperback books, 5" x 5" - each at 5 TL - (a) Little Miss...
  6. O

    I'm moving and would like someone to have my book collection...

    I'll be moving away from Alanya and I won't be able to carry all of my books with me. They are mostly novels in English and most are brand new. I am open for exchange ideas...
  7. R

    Winter Reading - free books

    I have three bags of books (all of which I would say would appeal more to ladies but no discrimination ) anyway if you would like them you are welcome to collect we live near the new development Piramat Ege our Turkish mobile is 05380915589 I would appreciate collection ASAP please otherwise it...
  8. A

    2 x Books By My Sister Jackie Reardon My sister, Jackie, who is 13 years younger than me - has written a couple of books which are selling very well - I just thought you might like...
  9. A89

    Books anyone??

    Ive got a pile of mixed books if anyone wants them. Some mysteries, some chicklit etc. Just let me know here or PM if anyone would like to pick them up. Alison
  10. O

    A new bike & Wilbur Smith Books for sale

    Does anyone know how can I sell my new Willbur Smith books and bicyle in Alanya? Thanks.
  11. S

    Where to buy English books in Dalyan?

    Hi does anyone know where I could get second hand or new books in Dalyan? Last year we managed to get a few from a charity place near acar park but it seems shut this year. Thanks.
  12. mamish

    For sale Koycegiz: Kindle wi-fi 6" e-reader

    For sale Koycegiz: Kindle Wi-Fi, 6" E Ink Display e-reader, in leather case. Kindle version 4.1. Weighs less than 170 grams, Size 166 mm x 114 mm x 8.7 mm, built-in Wi-Fi. Holds up to 1,400 books, USB 2.0 charging cable. Buy and download books through an account. 150 TL...
  13. essex_girl

    Free books - English

    I have well over 100 English books, some good hardbacks and lots of paperbacks to get rid of. It would be great if someone wanted them for charity. Please PM me if you are interested in collecting them this week. I am in Turgutreis.
  14. C

    Books about Alanya

    Have you read any good books (travel books, history books or others) targeting Alanya (and surrounding area but centered around Alanya) that you can recommend?
  15. shirleyanntr

    Peter May books

    ive just listened (via audible ) to two books by Peter May Entry İsland... which is both detective andin which he also weaves a historical tale into the background ..his prose is wonderful imo much better than İan Rankin and because i liked both the story and the narrator i took a second...
  16. A89

    Books free to good home....

    Ive got a couple of bags of books, mainly chicklit kind. If anyone would like them PM me. Hate to throw books away! alison
  17. B

    Free Books Weekend

    Hello again. For those of you who missed my last free weekend - here is your last chance to get a free copy of 'Tales of the South Atlantic' which actually reached the top of a couple bestseller lists in September. If your browser prevents you getting it at try
  18. shirleyanntr

    audible books

    ive tried the free audible books availble via Librox etc and the readers put me off i tried audible via Amazon..but the US store wont download to Turkey so i tried audible .UK and voila! they i joined and had a free book yesterday (The House of silk) and its read by Derek Jacobi, its...
  19. B

    Free Books for 24hrs!

    Calling all friends, acquaintances and fellow avid readers in the Bodrum and Fethiye who I unfortunately don't have in my email address book. As promised this is to let you know that my latest book is now available and as a gesture of thanks for all your support and patience I am actually...
  20. S

    English books for sale

    Bargain price of 100tl for around 300 English books, some old, some never read, all been in storage for a while, some hardbacks, some paperbacks. Mumcular/Bodrum area. Sara
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