1. S

    Bookings for 2017

    Well now that Xmas is over and the holidays adverts are on is it putting you in the mood for 2017 Turkey bookings? Who's booked already? Gonna try for a wee return to gorgeous Turkey in October-missing it already.
  2. Ivbin Dunne

    Rentals and Bookings

    Hello to all, I am just curious as to how renters are finding their bookings for this coming season. Normally i would be fairly well sorted but so far this year i only have 1 booking. Are more of you in the same situation?
  3. the bueman

    Warning websites offering discount upon bookings

    Hi All Just booked flights with Ryanair on Wednesday and upon booking the flights I was offered 20euro of my next flight. I almost fell for the scam......they ask you to claim discount of next flight, then ask you to put in your card details.......but be careful......they are nothing to do...
  4. newhorizon

    VillaRenters website (Rentalsystems bookings)

    Does anyone have any opinion on the website? Get many bookings? how is the admin. i.e transfer of funds to client? One point that wasn't so appealing from an Owners point of view is the site does not appear to pass on payments received from renters until after the date of stay...
  5. R

    Subscriber Holiday Rental Web sites! - any bookings?

    Can any one who uses/has used sites like ownersdirect or holidaylettings etc give their feed back on their success rate of advertsising your apartment/villa on these web pages?
  6. P

    last minute bookings

    why do the airlines charge you £15 each to pick your tickets up from their desk at the airport, when you book a flight a few days before you go,i think this is a disgrace :frown: have any other members had this problem and why do they do it :w00t:
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