1. juco

    Your opinion? Hotel booking

    I would be interested on others views on this. I cant for the moment go to Turkey due to travel Ins so staying within EU. Trying to book for Zante and the hotel I like has either baths or showers. I emailed to request a shower but they cannot guarantee it (4 mnths in advance) Emails back &...
  2. S

    Cheaper booking flights?

    Hopefully this may help a bit...
  3. G

    mot (tuv) online booking instructions

    Hi All, I once read a post on here detailing how to book an mot online, I've tried searching for the post without success, can anyone direct me to the post? thks in advance
  4. W

    I didn't use our middle names on our Pegasus booking can we still fly?

    Hi, when we booked our flights there wasn't an option for middle names so carelessly i just put our first names. I have rung Pegasus this evening -saturday and have stated that we will fly on monday evening. They said that they will not let us board unless we send photocopies of our passports...
  5. J

    Booking online appt for MOT

    Hi folks, I'm having no end of problems booking an online appointment on the TUVTURK website. When I get to entering the city name there are only three choices coming up, none of which are my city. Any help would be appreciated!
  6. J booking .......beware!!

    Booking.COM BE Ware!! I am writing this to inform others about this little trick people are playing there in istanbul. when you book on with these hotels, you get all this confirmation. you think its all done and your reservation is confirmed But when you turnup at the hotel they...
  7. Y

    Thy airlines excess baggage booking

    Can anyone explain how to book excess baggage on a thy airlines flight that is already booked . I have been shopping on my hols and have 20 kilos over my baggage allowance . I thought it would be less expensive to pre book the excess luggage on line a couple of days beforemy return flight...
  8. christella

    Booking on the plane

    I have just had an email from easy jet to confirm my booking In a couple of weeks time and they say you can only book on line NOT at the airport So what happens to people who have no computers
  9. M

    Atlasjet booking

    I am currently in UK but I have booked a holiday for June to Side. I am trying to book a flight from Antalya to Istanbul Ataturk with my English credit card and although I have tried twice as has my friend with her cards it will not allow my credit card! No problem with our credit cards other...
  10. S

    Turkish Airline booking.

    Hi I have a friend who has booked with turkish airlines to fly to Istanbul end of the month and she wants to know if you have to put in your passport details as she can not find a link for this. I have booked with Pegasus for March and did not have to put my details in, not like Easy jet ect...
  11. M

    Booking flights on line, help needed

    Hi Just been trying to book flights back to the UK. Paying with a UK debit card in £'s. Searched Skyscanner and found the ones we want. Quoted £144 for single flights. Went onto booking these with Thomas Cook and the price was then changed into Euros. Carried on with the booking and then...
  12. C

    Late booking for villa in Yalikavak

    I have availability left for this summer at a reduced price: 26 August - 3 September - £490 per week (was £700) 14-25 September - £415 per week (was £550) Please see my website for details: Home - Sharing a Dream
  13. M

    booking with thomas cook

    i am trying to make a booking with thomas cook on the flythomascook website but it will not allow me to do so, however when i go on the thomas cook website it will allow me to make the booking, there is a difference in price of an extra £10 on this site though. has anyone else had a problem when...
  14. djmagic

    booking a holiday

    hi there ppl hopeing someone can help. i am in the process of getting a credit card with garanti bank and when it arrives i wish to book a holiday... all holidays quote prices in pounds sterling is this a problem with a turkish credit card. can it be used to purchace items on the internet in...
  15. K

    Booking a complete holiday but ditching the hotel??

    Hi, i know this has been discussed before but anyone tried it lately?? I'm trying to get my mother a flight on specific dates so she doesn't have to fly on her own. As it's the last flight before school returns in september, thomas cook are looking £495 for flight only from belfast to bodrum...
  16. M

    Ryanair online booking query

    Having spent several hours trying to book a flight and some expensive minutes on an online booking help line that doesn't seem to have anyone on the other end, Can I ask advice from our seasoned travellers: At the travel insurance section of the booking form there is a box with a drop down...
  17. M

    booking flights to gazipasa

    Where can you book flights to Gazipasa. On the neckermann website you can book flights from Amsterdam. You can also book flights from Amsterdam on the corendon website. Where else can you book flights from Europe to Gazipasa?
  18. B

    Booking Flights With A Credit Card.

    We have never held a Credit Card before; haven't wanted to, but with getting stung from the Aegean Flights collapse we want and need to book our flights again to Turkey for next year. We want a Credit Card for the protection it gives for getting our money back quickly if another goes bust. Can...
  19. A89

    Strange price drop in middle of Thomas Cook booking

    Ive just bought a flight on ( Eng to Antalya one way). After I finished I was curious as to how much more it would have cost me with (almost always they are more expensive and every other time Ive checked before buying) I went onto their site and put the...
  20. S

    Pegasus seat booking?

    Has anyone that has flown with pegasus booked their seats, do you have to? Is it worth it, I suppose I am really asking. As there are 4 of us travelling it adds an extra 250tl to the prices 4 all 4 flights. Thanks Sara
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