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    Holiday booked but will we be able to go

    Have booked a holiday to go to Side in October before all this COVID-19 started up. Wondering will the restrictions be lifted before we go. We have been coming to side since 1996 and it still holds it's magic.:23:
  2. K

    Holiday booked

    Well we have booked to come to Yali beginning of June and can't wait. We have been coming for 5 years now and have seen many changes but still love the place. I'll be counting the days
  3. P

    Flight LS984 17th June. Private transfer booked

    Anybody want to share my private transfer and cost from Altinkum. Pick up approx 6pm. Booked shared transfer on way here, first and last time after hanging around at airport for another delayed flight then a stop in the middle of what should have been only an hour long journey. I'm near Citrus...
  4. C

    has anyone booked trough this webpage?

    Just wondering if anyone has booked or advertised in this webpage!! Bodrum Kiralık Evler | Bodrum Villa Kiralama It says free advertising and has lots of properties, therefore I would be very interested to find out if any forum member has his property listed here and if yes what is your...
  5. B

    holiday booked to my apt

  6. K

    Yippee, holiday booked.

    Hi all, we hope 2009 has got off to a good start for all TLF members. We have this morning booked our annual 2 weeks of Yali bliss!!!!!!!!! Don't normally get it sorted so early-but decided this year was a bit different. What with the reported increase in bookings to Turkey (weak £ to euro)the...
  7. S

    Booked at Island View

    Hi My friends & I are visiting Turgutreis in a few weeks, staying at Island View. Does anyone know exactly where it is? Just trying to figure out distances for shopping, restaurants etc. Thank you
  8. P

    Free flights on Ryanair if booked before midnight tomorrow

    Not sure what the tale is here but a friend of ours has just booked flights for 2 free to rome in October . They were free. ?? she is now looking for accomodation. It might be worth checking out?
  9. R

    Yipee - booked for the 26th April

    We are flying out on the 26th April for a week, I'm looking forward to it so much!!!!! We were going to hang on and hope for a last minute bargain, but somehow just knowing it is booked is worth the the extra cost, £174 each with Thomas Cook well its not such a bad price:)
  10. M

    Well booked up for Easter

    Well booked our flights tonight for Easter so hope it warms up a bit, seen all the reports of snow!!!!! oh dear! well it is 4 weeks away hope it gets up to 70ish by the time we get to Yali, looked on the weather and it says Bodrum is about 65 degrees???? is that about right? hope so let me know...
  11. D

    Sunset cruise just booked

    Just booked on the inaugreal (trying to sound educated) sailing of the sunset cruise, went twice last year and really enjoyed it, looking forward to it again. Hope we get a good sunset (or i want my money back :lol: ) i'll stick some piccies up when we get back. Dippz
  12. M

    Just Booked £96.00 each

    Just booked for the 12th of October Teeside to Bodrum staying at Seabird £96.00 each all in 7 days B+B, may aswell leave the apartment locked up.
  13. R

    Booked flights and emailed estate agents

    Hello I have booked my flight to Turkey, booked a rental villa, booked cattery up, car park, had holiday injections and bought holiday insurance etc. Cannot wait to get out to Turkey to property hunt. I hope I am allowed to ask this question on here. I have emailed several estate agents about...
  14. J

    Booked for next June

    Just booked the flights for 16 nights next June. Flying out from Manchester to Bodrum £170 with Fly Thomas Cook.
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