1. dearsley

    Writing a book

    Hi everyone. I'm writing a book about my seven years as an ex pat in Turkey but I want to include crazy/funny stories from other ex pats about life here. If you want to submit something send me an outline on a message and we can arrange to chat. I'll put the names of everyone who contributes...
  2. juco

    Face book personal info

    My wife recently joined facebook to get access to some info. She didnt put her full name or other info that would be recognizable, however what appeared in her profile was: Her primary school from 60 years ago. Her employment history and some other bits of info. Her sister who has a different...
  3. Freedom 49

    Fabulous Classic Book Collection

    I have had a superb collection of 50 Classic titles donated for our continuous Fundraising to help feed and keep our Street-Cats healthy. All in 1st Class condition and I'm reluctant to sell them individually as we normally do from our bookshelves here, as it seems wrong to break up the set...
  4. O

    I'm moving and would like someone to have my book collection...

    I'll be moving away from Alanya and I won't be able to carry all of my books with me. They are mostly novels in English and most are brand new. I am open for exchange ideas...
  5. IbrahimAbi

    Book reading across the EU

    As an avid book reader I find it quite shocking how little time people, on average spend reading books per day:- Ten percent of the Turkish population regard reading books as one of the main activities they spend time on, a fresh study has found. On average, the time spent on reading books in...
  6. immac

    Book: Wild Flowers in Fethiye

    New book just published by Fethiye council on the wild flowers of Fethiye. I have just bought a few copies at 50TL each - well worth the money, either as a gift or something to sit on the coffee table. Text in English and Turkish on fine quality paper; each plant has a high definition photo, and...
  7. G

    Buy a book and help a refugee

    If you haven't already bought one of my books, now's the time. During the month of April 2017, I will donate AUD$1 of the purchase price of my books about my life in Turkey (and my husband's book about Sydney in the 1960s). The money will go to Small Projects Istanbul, an NGO doing great things...
  8. S

    Time to book

    Well with the evenings lengthening and winter behind us soon it will be hols season again Always liked this time of year getting sorted for returning to Turkey and with this being our first time in 13 years not to be preparing for Turkish sun, it sort of brings it home to us how much we will...
  9. mollag

    Book it Dano.

    That's it, tis done half a loaf as they say, booked for Turkey, Gumusluk bound, early May to mid June with a side order of Koygegiz tucked in the end. At a year since we were last there it's been the longest away in 15 years so a few changes will be evident. :cool:
  10. S

    Book forum?

    Is there a readers forum where we can suggest good reads? Having just read a really good book I feel that others would appreciate I wondered if there already was a forum for this. If so what is the title? Thanks
  11. L

    Blue book for residency

    I took out a 1 year residency a few years ago and then the dreaded 120 days out of the country was introduced so I assumed my residency was cancelled and didn't renew it.The question is will I have to start the process from the beginning again or does the fact I have the blue book mean I can...
  12. juco

    Pawns in the game, PDF book

    I have been recommended to read this book. Not started it yet but does appear to be interesting particularly if you have an interest (either way) in `the elite,` `WW3`, `one world order` `illuminati. Free PDF download here:
  13. barry budd

    face book

    have problem --my face book page has started to include Spanish words very strange
  14. S

    Book Sale on Sunday 5th - Bitez

    Dont't forget there is a book sale in Defne Restaurant in Bitez on Sunday 5th from 11am to 1pm. BacktoBodrum: Books in Bodrum
  15. Lez Zetli

    Auto Conversion of Blue Book to Long Term?

    Has anyone else been told that their blue book is now "Long Term"? I renewed my Residence Permit blue book for a five year term last year. Recently I had to show it at the Police Foreigners' department in Izmir for some other business. After going away and doing some checks, they handed it back...
  16. SAMIMI

    Book Sale in Bitez

    I would like confirmation please on the date for the next book sale at Bitez. Is it tomorrow Sunday 18th May at Defne Restaurant in Bitez? With no television at present, we are getting through lots of books!:hmm:
  17. beyazbayan

    Book me a room!

    Night at the Museum! The luxury hotel built in Cappadocia's historic ruins where you can sleep in a CAVE - for £1,200 a night Read more: Night at the Museum! The luxury hotel built in Cappadocia's historic ruins where you can sleep in a CAVE - for £1,200 a night | Mail Online Follow us...
  18. G

    Book reading Istanbul - April 17, 2014

    Lisa Morrow first came to Turkey in 1990, and over the course of more than 20 years has come to know the culture and its people well. She has visited and travelled throughout the country many times, and also lived in various cities and towns. She now resides permanently in Istanbul. A...
  19. T

    Cheapest time to book a flight

    According to Cheap Air the cheapest time to book a flight is 54 days before you are due to travel. When is the best time to book for cheap flights? 54 days before travelling, according to CheapAir - AOL Travel UK
  20. H

    Book titles

    How many of these books do you have in your collection? 40 Worst Book Covers and Titles Ever | Bored Panda
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