1. T

    Happy Bonfire Night

    Let us put all petty political and religious bickering behind us and together celebrate our Protestant government's defeat of a Catholic plot to overthrow it. Set fire to Guido as we do every year!
  2. John O' Dreams

    Bonfire of the dictators

    Bonfire of the dictators Robert Fisk ponders the fate of the despots who fought grimly against a revolutionary tide We are so keen to analyse the revolutions that tore the Middle East's dictatorships apart this year that we have forgotten the record of endurance of these vicious men and their...
  3. A89

    Bonfire night in Alanya

    Are there or is anyone planning any bonfire night activities in Alanya?
  4. luckycat68

    Nov 5 -Bonfire, Bangers 'n' Mash

    Can you tell me what the alternative is to Sausage ?? please
  5. J

    Bonfire Night

    Remember remember the 5th November Anyone having a fireworks party tonight, we thought we would give it a miss this year and last night they all decided they wanted one, so off this morning to see if I can find any fireworks, (who wants to bet there will only be the £50 boxes left and not the...
  6. M

    Bonfire Night

    Hi my name is myra I have been on the site before. We purchased our apartment 5 years ago in Kusadasi. We have a little boy who is 5 and last year we bought some fireworks and let them off on the waste land near our apartment. Unfortunately we didn't tell the neighbours, after all fireworks...
  7. B

    Bonfire Night

    this is probably a bit late in the day but anyone going to the bonfire night do organised by hamam bistro and cave club if so may well see you there.
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