1. cside

    Istanbul bombing

    Terrible loss of life in Istanbul, my thought are with family and friends of the dead and injured
  2. christella

    Bombing in southeast turkey

    Just seen on sky where in south east turkey getting worried as we go to Akbuk in May
  3. mollag

    More sad news - another Istanbul bombing

    Three killed, more than 10 injured in suicide attack in central Istanbul - LOCAL
  4. oldfogy

    Bombing in Tunisia this time.

    And now it's Tunisia again. Tunisia declares state of emergency after bomb attack on bus kills 12 presidential guards The explosion killed 12 presidential guards travelling on a bus in the capital A security source said most of the agents on board the vehicle were killed The deadly...
  5. ukizook

    Warrinton bombing

    It's 20 years since the IRA killed two young boys in the Warrington bombing. There is a memorial meeting in the town today to mark the sad event. The father of one of the boy's has probably done more for the peace process than most, and has met both Adams and McGuiness in what must have been a...
  6. millilove76

    Kurdish Strike over Bombing!

    I've just spoken to my husband who told me that the next few days in the South East will be very quiet. Many Kurdish businesses are closing for up to 3 days in a show of anger at the bombing that killed many civilians (the youngest now believed to be just 12 years old) by the Turkish Goverment...
  7. arrian

    manchester bombing

    Monaghan: 'IRA bombing of Manchester was a great favour to the city' - Yahoo! News UK can you believe this!! i'm sure the families of those injured will agree with him, NOT!!!
  8. ceemac

    Turkey generals accused of links to 2003 Istanbul bombing

    Serious stuff if true. 'Three retired Turkish military leaders have been accused of helping to plan the 2003 Istanbul bombing which claimed 60 lives including three Britons.' Here C

    20yrs since the bombing of the Royal Marines Barracks at Deal

    This weekend Deal in Kent will once again host the memorial of the Bombing of their barracks at Deal on the 22nd September 1989 by the IRA. Below is an extract from the memorial magazine: Friday 22nd SEptember 1989, it was 8.25am on the morning of this fateful day that members of the staff...
  10. Germaine

    Ibiza Bombing

    Early reports of a bomb going off in Ibiza Airport.
  11. Mushtaq

    Bombing in Turkey: Usual Suspects or Military Action?

    A small bomb detonated in the Bakirkoy district of Istanbul, Turkey, on June 10, injuring at least 14 people. There was no immediate claim of responsibility, though the bombing bears the earmarks of the Kurdistan Freedom Hawks (TAK), a separatist splinter group that most often attacks during the...
  12. S


    hi all, terrible news of the dead and injured in this weekends bombing,do any of you think this will effect the bodrum areas,anyone heard of any security upgrades?, how do the locals feel ? .lets hope people wont be put off coming !!
  13. G

    bombing in kusadasi

    just heard 4 britons injured in explosion on minibus in kusidasi killing four people and injuring 14 saddened to hear this very worrying graham
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