1. B

    Bombers Gaoled

    BBC News - English Defence League rally bomb plotters jailed I've got no love for the EDL, but the idiots who wanted to blow up the EDL could have killed innocent bystanders. These fools have got what they deserved. Long gaol sentences...
  2. tykatem

    Booby-trap bombers 'lowest of low'

    Bombers who lured police in Northern Ireland into a booby trap by claiming a woman was being attacked have been branded "the lowest of the low". The officers who raced to a wooded area of south Belfast following a bogus 999 call just before midnight on Monday survived only because the bomb they...
  3. ceemac

    Russian paper: Suicide bombers trained in Turkey

    An article published in the Russian daily newspaper Kommersant has alleged that nearly 30 suicide bomber commandos received education at a madrasa in Turkey. Here C
  4. luddendenturk

    Russian 'Nuke' Bombers Invade UK Airspace

    Two Russian bombers, capable of carrying nuclear weapons, have been caught flying over British airspace. A pair of 111 squadron Tornado F3 fighters took of from RAF Leuchars in Fife to locate the supersonic Tu160 bombers in the Outer Hebrides. They shadowed the Russian aircraft as they flew...
  5. juco

    Official picture of London bombers! Mmm

    Your thoughts on this! The official picture that was released of the underground London bombers from an apparent CCTV video clip.......... 7/7 RippleEffect
  6. alison09400

    Russian Bombers Intercepted Lets hope they'd just lost their way home and it wasnt anything more sinister ;) Alison
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