1. juco

    Nail bomb, germany

    Apparently a nail bomb has gone off in a Hamburg station (Sunday), fortunately no injuries and so far no reports on BBC or Euronews or any other mainstream media. The silence is deafening. Also, a previous incident:
  2. Spurs

    Manchester bomb

    Whatever the cause, my thoughts are with the people of Manchester Police respond to Manchester Arena blast reports - BBC News
  3. S

    Bomb at Besiktas match
  4. F

    Bomb in Antalya today.

    Antalya explosion: Huge 'car bomb' rocks British tourist hotspot in Turkey | World | News | Daily Express
  5. D

    Kurdish Bomb in Cizre Kills 11 Police

    Car bomb attack in Turkey kills 11 police; 78 wounded
  6. D

    Bomb Blast in Gaziantep.

    A Bomb Blast at a Wedding last night has Killed at least 30 and Wounded 94 according to Reports. Hope everyone's safe.
  7. B

    Bomb disposal

    Driving back from the gym this morning loads of police about putting a cordon up around the Horizon Hotel, guys getting suited up in the full bomb blast suits!! scary stuff no big bang so I suppose was a suspicious package. Anybody know any more?
  8. Kingfisher

    Sex bomb

    Sex Bomb - YouTube
  9. teosgirl

    Central Berlin car bomb

    Deadly Car Bombing In Central Berlin One man dead. It seems a bit extreme to kill one person with a car bomb device. What is this world coming to? Charlotte
  10. V

    Many dead in Ankara car bomb

    TV News are reporting five people have died in a car bomb explosion in Ankara. At least 10 injured and according to the AKP it was "a terrorist incident." Five dead in Ankara car bomb, city governor says | World news...
  11. V

    Turkish Airlines bomb threat

    A Turkish Airlines plane bound for Istanbul from the USA has been diverted to Shannon Airport in Ireland after a handwritten bomb threat was found on bound. All passengers and crew were disembarked safely. Turkish Airlines flight lands in Ireland after handwritten bomb found | Daily Mail Online
  12. yalimart

    Bomb attacks in Jakarta

    Casualties As Explosions Hit Indonesian Capital Yet more murder and mayhem, this time in Indonesia close to the Turkish and Pakistani embassies. Martin
  13. suzyq

    Suspected U.S. bomb Syrian Gov Troops

    A suspected US-led coalition air strike has killed four Syrian military personnel, according to a monitoring group. The strike took place in Deir al-Zour province, which is largely held by the jihadist group Islamic State, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. If confirmed, it would be...
  14. bal canavar

    Bomb scare at Sofia airport

    Bomb scare at Sofia airport December 1st, 2015 16:35 Bulgaria's capital of Sofia, authorities announced that there were explosives in a van in front of the airport. Due to the occurrence of suspicious bag in the truck outside the airport, one terminal of Sofia Airport was closed to...
  15. niyaz

    Should UK bomb Syria

    Cameron can do what he likes as long as he doesn't use my tax money towards bombing Syria.
  16. B

    Is this a bomb?

    Ahmed's clock: Just what is a 'suspicious' object? - BBC News Is this a bomb, or an innocent clock? I must admit, I wouldn't know one way or the other. Bill.
  17. bal canavar

    Bangkok bomb: Deadly blast rocks Thailand capital

    A bomb has exploded close to a shrine in the centre of Thailand's capital, Bangkok, killing at least 16 people and injuring more than 80. The Erawan Shrine, which was crowded at the time, is a major tourist attraction and foreigners, including Chinese, are among the casualties. No-one has yet...
  18. bal canavar

    Cario Car Bomb

    A bomb exploded in front of the Italian consulate in Cairo on Saturday, killing one person, the health ministry and security officials said, raising the possibility that Islamist militants could open a new front against foreigners. A security official told Reuters the blast was caused by a car...
  19. bal canavar

    Kuwait suicide bomb death toll rises

    The World is becoming more unsafe by the day . Allegedly a ISIS scum suicide bomber goes into a Shia mosque on Friday prayers for maximum effect and blows himself up . The hope is to divide this mainly Sunni country from it minority Shia neighbours by sowing revenge amongst the communities...
  20. T

    Aleppo barrel bomb attack in shocking new report

    A Syrian factory worker has described the hellish aftermath of a barrel bomb attack in Aleppo in a shocking new report on the conflict. Describing an attack on the al-Fardous district of Syria's second city, he said: 'I saw children without heads, body parts everywhere. It was how I imagine...
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