1. mollag

    Bolton for a Burton

    Bolton fired by Trump, shame it wasnt from a howitzer. John Bolton fired as Trump's national security adviser – live news President tweeted about the firing after reports emerged Bolton opposed Trump plan to hold peace talks with the Taliban at Camp David
  2. northpole

    looking for rented property Bolton

    l am looking for a rented place in Bolton maybe long term for 400pds or less a month.l do need a garden and somewhere close to take the dogs for a walk.l do have 3 placid dogs.lf anyone has a place around the area or knows of someone please contact me. The place l am living in is a 2 up 2 down...
  3. L

    Anyone know Julie & Dave Booth from Bolton?

    Hi all, Have a slightly weird question. Hubby has been speaking to a lovely couple on his beach who are friends of Julie and Dave Booth from Bolton. They've come on holiday to Turgutreis, where Julie and Dave apparently have a house, and they'd like to see their friend's house/ villa...
  4. H

    Chelsea v Bolton

    Chelsea staying in second gear and one up at half time
  5. L

    New Member from Bolton

    Hi my name is June and turkey is my 2nd home, I have joined this site because i kept getting pestered off my good friend shirleyann who lives in konakli :crazy: .
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