1. I

    "bold" children in restaurants

    Have gone out now and again for a nice meal and bold children roaring, running around, fighting, very unruly, can really ruin what should be a nice time. What can one do? Did mention it to the owner of a place once, but though he agreed with me, he did nothing. What have others done?:321oi::114mf:
  2. D

    İt is the time to make a bold move-or is it???

    İ have for a long time sat on the fence and had my financial feet both in the uk and in turkey but today i made a bold move and transfered my life's savings to turkey!- i already have a home and business in turkey but still keep a home with a mortgage back in the uk. i have a pension that pays...
  3. niyaz

    bold patch

    why do some girls have bold patches.
  4. Angily

    Blackberyy 9700 bold **for sale**

    Hi I'm selling a blackberry bold - 9700 as stated in the title. Perfect condition, registered on turkcell and has turkish and english menu settings. On checking prices online for the same phone, 2nd hand they are being sold for anything between 800-950tl ... I am selling mine for 700tl but...
  5. Struggs

    Bold 2 in 1

    It is only a 1 wash sachet, but as they say, every little helps.
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