1. R

    On demand water heaters Vs. Boilers

    Not sure if this would be the right forum or if I am comparing apples to apples. In our area we are limited to Geothermal heating. It is a new building and it is not hooked up. Would cost about 3k TL to hook up. Cant get a straight answer. If the Geothermal heats our water or just the radiators...
  2. P

    Boilers in Turkey

    Completely random question but if a property comes with a boiler are they generally gas boilers or electric? And if gas, do these need servising yearly as they do in the UK? Are they usually run from a mains connection or bottled gas? I know ive seen properties advertised with boilers and I've...
  3. immac

    Combi Boilers

    From Turkish Daily News: "Combination boilers becoming heater of choice Monday, January 15, 2007 We have moved from central to unit specific heating and expanded in the market with “smart” combination boilers ISTANBUL – Hürriyet The combination boiler heater industry, known as kombi in...
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