1. T

    Gas Boiler Servicing

    Hi, does anybody know anybody who services gas central heating boilers locally? just trying to avoid the outlandish costs of getting Demir Dokum to do it.
  2. A

    Combi boiler

    Hi, Wonder if anyone can help me. I recently bought a villa in Gumbet. The appliances were run down so I replaced everything new. The only thing I didn't replace was the Combi boiler. Low and behold, 2 days ago the water was hot in the morning and cold the rest of the day. Does anyone know...
  3. L

    Boiler Descale

    Hello. Does anyone know person/company who descales water cylinder boilers? Thank-you.
  4. shirleyanntr

    automatic egg boiler

    following on from the egg thread..and followşng İans suggestion to get an egg boiler...i did i bought one in Kipa yesterday for 25 tl..down from 45tl its a Sinbo.. but im a bit unsure about the instructions since its a scientific thing. it has a little plastic thing which has marks on it to...
  5. jazzcazz

    Solid Fuel Boiler

    Our tenant has requested if we could pay for a central heating system with solid fuel boiler to be fitted to the appartment he rents from us. This is because some of the people in the complax are using them and that it was very cold last year. He very kindly informed us it would only cost £3000...
  6. P

    60/75 litre boiler element.

    Anyone know where I can get a large boiler element in Altinkum/Diddim.
  7. Mushtaq

    Boiler Room Scams

    Boiler Room Scams - what they are and how to avoid them As you know, we take our customers' financial security very seriously. So, we wanted to tell you a bit about so-called Boiler Room Scams, and how best to avoid them. There's no need to worry in particular - but as the saying goes...
  8. Summertime

    Prices on Hot Water Boiler and Solar Panel

    Does anybody know the prices on hot water boiler and solar panel Thanks:Flower:
  9. D


    hello all. just been fitted at long last, apartment almost ready and was wandering if anybody has had problems with these, leaks, burst pipes etc.
  10. J

    Boiler help

    Can anyone point me in the right direction to find a company in Didim where we can by a hot water boiler and also they can fit it for us. Background information, Bought a 2 bed duplex on a new build. At no point was told that hot water boiler was not included in price paid. Now being asked to...
  11. P

    UK Boiler replacement

    I just felt compelled to post this even though it will probably have very little relevance to most people here but if it helps just one person then its worth it. We have just had our boiler system replaced and used a company called 1st Action. I have to say they were excellent, the fitters who...
  12. matty

    diesel central heating boiler

    Hi, I was wondering has anyone got a rough idea how much it would cost to replace our existing diesel central heating boiler. When it worked it ran 9 radiators. When we purchased our villa 5 years ago the villa was new, but aparently the boiler was second hand lol. And now it is leaking, we have...
  13. C

    Water heater, Boiler and things

    Out of complete ignorance, and only researching on this forum, I have just discovered the chances of our new build villas having any form of water heater or boiler system afe very slim. I have tried checking with the agent, but as yet hasn't got back to me. So can I ask is this normal for homes...
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