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    Bodrum - Bodybuilding Weight and Bar Set for Sale

    For Sale Set of Bodybuilding Weights and Bars 4x Chrome Dumbbells 1 E-Z Barbell 1 Straight Barbell 1.6 m 6 x 5k Plates 4 x 10k Plates 4 x 3k Plates 4 x 1k Plates 4 x 7.5k Plates 4 x 2.5k Plates 4 x 1.5k Plates Good Condition Going cheap for 200 lira pm for more details and tel number
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    Bodybuilding for Women

    Call me a weirdo but this is what I do! Only amature, not yet been competitive but seriously considered it 2 years ago when training with a professional bodybuilder, yes there are catagories for women my age and men. I have until I'm 55 to decide but I have seen a very beautiful american woman...
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