1. suzyq

    Bodrums best spots

    The southern Aegean summer tourist hub of Bodrum, referred to as the Turkish Riviera, has and will always been popular and despite rattling of late by earthquakes, it has not shaken the throngs that vacation at the top summer destination The newest news to come from Bodrum was the arrival of...
  2. F

    bodrums new terminal

    Bodrums new terminal opened on wednesday, ( about three months to early) nothing is finished,and the staff manning the check-in desks were still training, the computers were playing up and no one seemed to know what they were doing, we were moved to different desks twice. once we got to passport...
  3. M

    Bodrums Burnıng

    just a quıck post to see ıf any 1 ıs close by to the fıre just outsıde the centre of Bodrum ı can only see the smoke but belıeve ıt ıs supposed to be quıte bad close an threatenıng to a number of propertıes.
  4. the sausage king

    Bodrums First sausage party 7th June 2007

    Hello everyone, first I would like to say a big thank you for the amazing turn out of people at the previous two sausage parties. On Thursday 7th of June Bodrum town will be holding its first central sausage party to be held at 2pm at The Casa Del Sol bar and restaurant in Cumhuriyet Caddesai...
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