bodrum or altinkum

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    Kos ferry to Bodrum/Altinkum

    Hi all this year we will be arriving via Kos. Will be staying there for a few days. I think the ferry to Altinkum runs on Wed and Fri, not really what we want. Was wondering if anbody as used Kos-Altinkum or Bodrum ferry. Is there any thing we need to know??
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    How to get from Marmris to Bodrum/Altinkum

    I am going to be in Marmaris at the end of June and want to go to Altinkum to check on the progress of our apartment does anyone know the best way to do this?
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    Boat trips Bodrum/Altinkum

    Friends of ours are staying in Bodrum for the 2nd week of our holiday in Altinkum - how easy would it be to get to Altinkum from Bodrum - is there any boat trips we could take - either to visit them or them to come to us - does anyone know costs involved ? Gail[8D]
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