1. J

    Wanted - household bits and bobs (Didim area)

    Hi all, We are trying to locate some good quality second hand items for our villa. Is anyone selling anything at the moment? I did have a brief look but didn't see much. We are looking for a good fridge/freezer (one with a good size freezer bit, not the little box ones) as we live here or if...
  2. juco

    Bobs house lets get it sold!

    Bob I hope you don’t mind this post if you do I will delete it, I am not being offensive just trying to get this house moving for you. Below is the pics you are using and I have commented on some of them. Others can comment and hopefully this will guide you a bit better on what people are...
  3. martin m

    bits and bobs

    Hi all Me and Chris are Coming out next week to Altinkum on a bit of a working break, by that we mean shopping, but only for things like pictures for the walls and nice little ornaments, you know bits and bobs, We where going to drive up to ikea at Izmer but thought we would ask the gang on TLF...
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