1. Neil_Denizli

    Bob Geldof to Heal the UK

    Proposal for 'healing tsar' to reunite Britain after Brexit Because you can never have too many smug investment bankers patronising you. Actually...
  2. MiddleEarth

    Happy 20th Birthday Microsoft Bob

    Microsoft Who? A bit late, but better late than never, ah, but then better never late. :fish: "Tuesday, 10 1995 Microsoft gave the world Bob, the “social interface” for Windows 3.x and 95." "For a time, Bob development ran in parallel with Windows 95. So while Microsoft was working...
  3. mollag

    Bye Bye Bob

    Sad to read of the death of Bob Hoskins, I was fond of him as an actor since his time in "On the move" will miss him!. :(
  4. PASH

    Bob Crow Dies

    Did not agree with his politics but very sad at 52 years old BBC News - RMT union general secretary Bob Crow dies
  5. skydog

    Psychic Bob

    Your astrological week ahead, with Psychic Bob 09-04-12 Aries (21 MAR-19 APR) You’re right that deodorant is completely unnatural, but so is vomiting into my own hands on the top deck of an 82 bus, you malodorous git. 
Taurus (20 APRIL - 20 MAY) No response from the booksellers’ union about...
  6. Summertime

    Northpool (Bob)

    Does anybody know if Bob, his wife and the dogs are safe back in the UK. It is over 2 weeks now since they left BG.
  7. LMD

    Bob's dogs

    Just to let everybody know that I have managed to get Bob on the telephone this morning and it looks as if his problems, at least with the dogs, are over. Somebody in the UK has kindly offered to pay for them to be transported back by road and to find accommodation for themselves and the dogs in...
  8. Rosemary1234

    Bob 'Northpole'

    Has anyone heard from Bob, he has been very quiet as of late and I was wondering if he is back in the uk or is he still in Bulgaria??
  9. P

    Bob Holness RIP

    Bob Holness dead: Broadcaster dies in his sleep, age 83 - goodbye to a national treasure | Mail Online
  10. Phil Johns

    (The end) T.A.G, Bob, & Me,/ Paws BG & TAG

    Before you read on I would like to point out Bob is an acquaintance, I transported him his wife Chris and their 3 dogs from Akbuk to Bulgaria for during the trip he never gave any indication he intended to open a business the same as ours,, if he had although I would not have welcomed the idea...
  11. skydog

    Your Horoscope. With Psychic Bob

    Your astrological week ahead, with Psychic Bob Scorpio (24 OCT-21 NOV) It's okay, mine humps people's legs too. So was yours born like that or did the midwife drop it on its head? Sagittarius (22 NOV-21 DEC) You like old movies. Like the Godfather III. Which is why you're going to spend the...
  12. maggie

    Bob the Knobs dream .

    Home - Green Acres Kennels I know a lot of you have been asking about Bob and how things are going for him in Bulgaria. I would like to bring to your attention Bobs new venture which I believe is going extremely well for him. I know a few of you allways took great pleasure in trying to...
  13. ted j

    Bob Greaves has died

    Just heard on granada reports that Bob Greaves has died. Saw him once doing a piece to camera in Irlam Tesco's. RIP. Ted
  14. maggie

    Fans of Bob the Knob.

    Love him or hate him agree with him or disagree with him.!!!!!!!:7: Yesterday I saw Bob and I am very pleased to say what a Happy Bunny he looks all his plans seem to be comming together and he will be off to Bulgaria soon. I know he was banned from the Forum but he asked me to tell all his...
  15. rosewall1

    leave Bob alone/Difficult Turkey

    So leave Bob alone, in the past he has given many people a really great service, you may think he goes on a bit but if you see a post by him just don't read it. Some of you can be so nasty, your behaviour puts people off what should and has been a great forum. Yes Turkey is difficult, just an...
  16. B

    Do you want to earn a couple of bob?

    Hello everyone. We will be letting our apartment next year and need someone we can rely upon to meet our friends at the airport and escort them to the apartment - Jacaranda (formerly Waterside). They would also like some help in arranging days out (they won't be renting a car). We're coming...
  17. carolk

    Bob's property reduced - what a bargain!!

    Bob has reduced his property to £70,000 for a quick sale. :nod: Property Details This property is lovely and right on the beach front. :thumbup:
  18. pineapple1

    Whats Happend to Bob a Job

    I have needed a cabinet moving for 5 wks i couldn't lift it on my own the only way i got it moved was to put it Free to Good home in PO window . Just so i can put floor tiles in the annex room ready for winter , I've lots of small jobs i can't get around to doing ..Bob a job used to come around...
  19. Briand

    BNP Bob Baily classes with Asian Men

    BNP Bob Bailey classes with Asian Men Lets hope he gets charged with assault General Election 2010: BNP candidate Bob Bailey filmed fighting Asian men in key battle ground of Barking | Mail Online Briand.
  20. v6cod

    Strelitzia reginae advice Bob

    Bob I need your help!! I have a Bird of Paradise plant(s) (Strelitzia reginae) in my garden in Okcular. When we bought it around three years ago it was in flower but since then apart from growing into 5 plants there has been no flowers. I have read on the net that they won't flower for several...
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