1. R

    Boats for sale

    Hi all, has anyone or knows of any fishing/cruiser boats for sale akbuk/ Altinkum Looking forward to your replies. Regards Rob
  2. V

    Looking for used life boats

    Hi, I want to import used life boats from Izmir, to the Netherlands. 7 till 9 meters long. Most of them are orange or white and have a motor. Who can help me? Please send mails to: Thanks Jeroen
  3. bigred

    Boats offering Fishing Trip

    Anyone know about boats offering Fishing Trips. I know some of the day boats sometimes have a rod available, but are there any boats that just focus on taking people on a fishing trip?
  4. v6cod

    Propellor guards for boats

    This is a short video of a propellor guard being fitted to one of the boats in Dalyan to protect the Caretta Caretta and other marine life. They are being sponsored by the Kaptan june Foundation Kaptan June foundation sponsors Mehmet Özalp with propellor guard - YouTube If you know of any...
  5. L

    Costs of boats

    Does any1 know if boats are cheap to purchase in Didym? I'm not after anything flash, just something with a motor and a cabin to sleep 2 underneath. I love fishing and dolphin watching. Also any1 know much about moorings etc. Many thanks L
  6. thingthong

    Boats from Bodrum to Kos

    Can anyone tell me ,what is the earliest boat from Bodrum port to Kos ,on Sundays in October 2011? I have found a very low price back to the UK ,leaving Kos airport at 13.45 on a Sunday,Is there any trusted Ferry that might get me to Kos early to get to the airport for midday I just hate a...
  7. jaimie

    And boats!!! Gulet cruise info?

    Hi Everyone, hope your all having a good day! Just wondering if anyone on here knows of a good reputable company that does Gulet cruises. It's my 50th in May, so would like to cruise from Alanya to Akbuk one way as a way of celebration (or is that commiseration?) Did ask for a quote from...
  8. O

    Boats from bodrum

    Hi, I have a friend coming to stay with me in Altinkum and he wants to visit friends in Fetiye and asked me if ıt was possible to get there by Boat. I know he can take a boat to Bodrum from here but I wondered if anyone knows if there aare ferrys to Fetiye from Bodrum? Thanks
  9. ceemac

    Restrictions on boats in Göcek lifted

    Many restrictions aimed at protecting bays near the Aegean towns of Göcek and Dalaman from ship and yacht pollution have been lifted or softened. Here C
  10. ceemac

    Umina Beach surf boats to go on patrol in Turkey

    THEY gave good service to the surf lifesaving movement on the Central Coast and now two of our surfboats are on their way to serve on the Black Sea. Here C
  11. ceemac

    Patrol Boats Collide

    A Greek government official says a Turkish coast guard patrol boat collided with a Greek patrol boat off a contested Aegean Sea islet, but there were no injuries or serious damage. Here C
  12. M

    Koycegiz Lake & Boats

    Does any body know what type of boats are allowed on the lake . I understand you need a special Lake license to use a boat there . The reason i am asking is i would like to have a small boat there . Thank You
  13. S

    solar panels, wind turbines for boats

    I was looking for solar panels to place on my sailboat in Bodrum Marina. I did an initial search on the internet and came across a company called Derin Marin, which specialises in solar panels and wind turbines. The owner is a sympathetic guy called Tolga. The shop is on the same street as...
  14. T

    Know of any Boats in Olu Deniz Area?

    Hi Folks, Will be in Olu Deniz are this summer and looking for some sea fishing. Does anyone know of any charter fishing boats in the area? or a local I can hook up with? (pardon the pun!) Thanks Craig
  15. J

    Small Boats For Hire

    HI Everyone I am going to Gumbet with my wife and two other couples on 30/05/07 and us three guys would love to hire a small cheap boat to go fishing does any one know if this is possible both my friends have small boats in uk but one has no paper qualifications and although the other has he...
  16. W

    buying boats

    hi we have a house in akbuk and we are looking to buy a motor boat please can any one help we looked at some in milas but not much there thanks
  17. lorraine

    Micro light boats Olu Deniz

    Olu Deniz Beach. Micro lighting by sea, this has been a favourite of many tourist for the past few years, I think it is a bit expensive £55 I timed the take off and landing of one and it was 16 minutes, for this price would have expected at least half an hour or more. Looks fun all the same...
  18. Mushtaq

    Small Boats

    I would like to have a small boat with an engine (too lazy to row, and cant work the sails :D) What are the ins and outs of owning a boat in the Akbuk/Altinkum area? Anyone got any ideas?
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