1. K

    Tourist boat sinks

    A tourist boat capsized off Alanya today with one fatality.
  2. E

    Van boat disaster Details coming .... up date immigrants on the boat. It seems to have happened 27/28 june it is an update. Boat gone down on van lake
  3. Leo

    Speed Boat

    Hi All, as someone who lives here in Turkey full time, I just want to put an idea out there to see if it generates any interest..... I look at the view of the bay in Kalkan every day and wonderful (repeatedly) how wonderful it would be to get out there on a fast boat for a bit of fun. I'm...
  4. C

    Boat trip +fishing trip

    Have been searching the net for recommendations for a day boat trip and a day fishing trip as we are doing a 4day trip to Bodrum on the 6th October from altinkum, we have been on many boats from altinkum and thought it would make a change to see different bays would much appreciate any...
  5. bal canavar

    1 Dead as Marmaris Tour Boat sinks

    One dead, two missing after motorized yacht sinks off Turkey’s Marmaris A motor yacht sank off the coast of Marmaris in southern Turkey on Aug. 2, killing one person and leaving two others missing, the local governor has stated. The 20-meter motor yacht named “Anemone” sank 200 meters off the...
  6. IbrahimAbi

    Tourist boat Hijack in Turkey

    A group of people on board a tourist boat in the Aegean resort of Bodrum attempted to illegally cross to the Greek island of Kos after taking the crew hostage early on June 4, Doğan News Agency has reported. The 10-meter polyester service boat was carrying 16 Iranians and 22 local tourists on...
  7. G

    Boat trip

    Hi what is the best all inclusive boat trip for a day in marmaris Cheers in advance
  8. R

    Speed boat insurance for turkey

    does anyone know of any companies who provide ski boat insurance for turkey?
  9. R

    boat storage in Akbuk area

    I am bringing a boat to Akbuk in June it is approx 18ft long and am looking for somewhere to store it whilst I am not in Turkey, does anyone know of any storage availability in or around Akbuk.
  10. christella

    Boat trip to Patmos

    Anybody know if there is a boat trip from Altinkum to Patmos
  11. O

    Driving to Turkey with a boat in tow

    Has anyone tried taking a Ski boat into Turkey by car. Any ideas on what sort of duties have to be paid if I'm going to leave it there. How long can I keep it there if I dont pay duties. Can I sell it there? any info would be appreciated. By the way. It's not a new boat by any stretch of the...
  12. B

    North Korean boat missing.

    North Korea submarine 'missing' as US-South Korea drills continue - BBC News I really feel for these submariners and their families. Bill.
  13. W

    istanbul-ferry boat trips

    Any recommendtions re boat trips whilst in Istanbul.Always wanted to sail up the Bosphorus and I know there will be plenty of organised trips available.But how about the ordinary public service feribots?
  14. B

    Best pleasure boat trip

    Well today for the first time I went on the Sunshine boat, what a great trip!! nice food, nice people, went to spots around the coast had not been to before on a boat trip.The music was at low level and recognizable to us older folks. Went on a boat trip once when they played 50 cent LOUD all...
  15. P

    boat trips

    Hi we are coming to datca next week and would like some advice on daily boat trips please. Such as where to book them and best places to go. Also any recommedations for places to eat. Many thanks Jane and dave
  16. C

    Boat aground

    apparently some activity between coast guard and another overcrowded boat in Koyunbaba Koyunbaba the other night.Two coast guard vessels intercepted a group of people in a boat in the early hours.The loud commotion and searchlights woke my friend and he said he could hear the coast guard telling...
  17. Yildez Datca

    Symi refugees - the boat has gone today!

    Just a quick update, and I expect Kaplumba will be along later today with a full report! This morning all the donations we've collected were loaded onto Bora gulet, and are on their way to Symi as I type. There were more than 50 big bags and boxes, full of the items that the Symi group had...
  18. T

    Boat Trip

    Hi again, getting a frequent poster on here lately lol My wife and I are looking to go on a boat trip when in Alanya in late September. Are there still all-inclusive trips with free drink and food as these in the past have been the better ones when we've been in Icmeler and Turgetreis. Can...
  19. D

    Dalyan Boat Ko-op tried to rip me off today

    I always pay one way to the beach (I walk to the other end and get the Dolmus back). Today they said I couldn't pay one way. It is a journey I have made hundreds of times so I thought they were joking. They weren't. I clarified that I would not be returning by boat, but they insisted I had to...
  20. H

    selling a boat

    Hi. I have a 7m sports boat for sale. It has a selma 250 engine and comes with 2 wakeboards. Does anyone know a local website for buying and selling such items? Thanks
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