1. paddington bear

    Boarding Kennels around Side area?

    Does anybody please know if there are any good dog boarding kennels in the Side area.
  2. Billy Joe

    Boarding refused at Stansted

    30 passengers refused boarding, Easyjet flight to Bodrum as they had no visa.
  3. IbrahimAbi

    Petran boarding

    I found this article interesting, please find a link to the video. Villagers in Turkey's Rize preserve local tradition of 'Petranboarding' Foothills: The Unlinked Heritage of Snowboarding - YouTube
  4. K

    Dog Boarding kennels near Antalya/Side

    Hi does anyone know of dog boarding kennels in this area Thanks
  5. T

    boarding cattery

    Just wondering if any member can help,friends are looking for a boarding cattery anywhere between Ortaca and Marmaris,they had heard that there maybe one near Akyaka.If anyone has any contact details we'd really appreciate it.:tigger: thankyou tulip
  6. T

    Random question: Boarding Passes

    Maybe i posted in the wrong forum.... Everytime I travelled with Turkish Airlines from UK to Istanbul, and ive had to drop my suitcase, ( bearing in mind i already checked in online and printed the boarding passes ) why do they tear up the bording pass and give me a crappy paper one? anydeas...
  7. L

    Boarding Kennels

    I have heard that there are dog boarding kennels at Ciflik. Does anybody know of or have experience of them, or any other kennels? Many thanks
  8. L

    Boarding Kennels

    Can anyone help me please? I am still looking for a dog boarding kennel near Dalaman. I know about Happy Paws but have only heard of one person who have used it so any other recommendations would be appreciated.
  9. L

    Boarding Kennels

    Hi to all you lovely people. My first post but an important one for me. Does anyone have any experience of, or, know a good dog boarding kennels? Have heard about Happy Paws but are there any others that are within reach of Dalyan? Many thanks
  10. Mag

    Producing Credit Card when boarding THY Flight.

    I have read on the THY website that you must also produce the credit card used to purchase your flight ticket on-line, when boarding the flight. My problem is that I have also booked my husband's ticket with the same card, but he is not travelling out until 2 weeks after me, and I will have the...
  11. A

    Snow Boarding Davraz

    Hi, Hoping to get some snow boarding in at Davraz & would like to know whether its possible to get from Fethiye to the resort by dolmish or maybe even car share....Thanks for looking!
  12. luckycat68

    Dog boarding kennels

    I am reluctantly having to put my 2 dogs into boarding kennels for 5 days in November - has anyone had experience with either Ida or Country Ranch kennels or does anyone know any better kennels were my babies will be well looked after ? Many thanks
  13. A

    Refused Boarding By Thomas Cook

    On 30th May my friend a NZ national was refused boarding by Thomas Cook as she only has a single ticket to Bodrum. The staff said if she was refused entry to Turkey they would be liable to pay for the return flight. The offered to sell her a return tiicket but would not confirm that it could be...
  14. newhorizon

    EasyJet Bodrum Flight Boarding My video

    I recently used EasyJet for the first time for a turkish flight from Bodrum and was pretty impressed with the check-in, space on board...(yes, I know only 1 flight but so far so good!) but the lack of seat numbers on the flight makes the movement of passengers from the bus to aircraft rather...
  15. Neil_Denizli

    Pegasus refused boarding

    Mail sent to Pegasus - they just turned my gf away from her flight because she isn't carrying my credit card. ------------------------------------------- What is wrong with you people? I bought my fiance a ticket to Bodrum and you refuse to let her board her flight. Your staff were rude...
  16. T

    Boarding kennel

    I need to kennel my dog for a week while I am in England, I am going on the 22nd of October, can anyone help please?
  17. J

    Boarding for high school children... views?

    I spoke to a friend recently about her oldest child who has just started high school (15 years old). The school is private and is the sister school to our current one. The child travels from Didim to Aydin on a Sunday night and he boards all week and comes back on a Friday night. This got me...
  18. Raysalaff

    Boarding Pass

    This could be fun at check in Paper boarding pass set to disappear - Yahoo! Travel UK
  19. SonnyJim

    Boarding Kennels

    Morning! Via a friend of a friend I have been told there is a good boarding kennel in Gokova. Does anyone know of it, or have contact details?? Thanks.
  20. Lindacm

    Easy Jet Speedy boarding

    Has anyone used Easy Jet Speedy boarding from Dalaman? My friend used it in March & said that there wasn't any, although that was on their 1st flight. Has anyone used it since? My daughter & young family fly out tomorrow & would like to book if available. Can anyone help with info? Linda
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