1. E

    Question to complex board and controller

    Hi everybody, I hope somebody can help me with this. In our complex, we finally managed to install a 3 member board and a controller. Since it`s the first year we have this, we are not quite sure of the powers/responsibilities of the positions of board/controller. Our turkish manager is not...
  2. Kalkan regular

    Wet board for bathroom

    Does anyone know if you can get wetboard for the walls of the bathroom instead of tiles in Turkey.
  3. S

    Can a Man Emergency Levy imposed by Board

    Emergency Levy imposed by Board A question for all you legal eagles. Our Baskan has imposed an Emergency Levy to raise money to pay for essential services to run our site. We have apparently run out of money and therefore the emergency levy. Can a Board impose a levy - I thought such a levy is...
  4. E

    Anybody up for card and board games?

    Hi everybody, we opened up a facebookgroup for people who enjoy meeting up for playing once a week. You`ll find it under Alanya Fun & Games. Here is the introduction. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask here or there. Alanya Fun & Games About us: We are an international...
  5. S

    Board Resignation- Legalities

    With a 3 person Board of Management, can anyone explain what the legal position is when the Chairperson resigns from the Board. Can the Board continue to function with the remaining 2 members until the next AGM or does the resignation make it a mandatory legal requirement to call an EGM?
  6. immac

    E-Chess Board

    Has anyone any experience of buying/using an e-chess board? I am planning to treat myself, but there seems a lot of opportunities to make an expensive mistake in purchasing. I don´t plan to play on-line, and don´t want to hook it to my computer. I am focusing on the DGT line with a DGT Pi...
  7. yalimart

    Mother Board

    I have an old PC that runs slower than slow, I dont want to spend a fortune but was considering a new mother board and processor, there is little point in just upping the RAM as its a win 32 bit machine, I would probably look to install 8GB of Ram Ive never undertaken anything like this so need...
  8. M

    Waiting for Employment Letter from Turkish Higher Education Board (YÖK)

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if any non-Turkish university instructors know anything about when the Turkish Higher Education Board (YÖK) will issue our employment letters for the current semester. My director was originally told that all employment letters would be issued by YÖK on September...
  9. teosgirl

    Election board bans RTE ad

    High Elections Board bans presidential television ad of Turkish PM Erdo?an - POLITICS If anyone is under any illusions about where this country is heading, it's certainly not the high election board. This is a slap in the face for RTE, his party reformed the laws regulating 'abuse of...
  10. christella

    what the scotsman do when they get board

    Amazing sheep light. [VIDEO]
  11. M

    Fly Board in Altinkum

    Hello everybody, I'm going to Altinkum in MAY. Does anybody know if we can flyboard in Altinkum ? Thanks!
  12. G

    Wii fit board

    Does anyone in Alanya area know where i can buy a cheap 2nd hand wii fit board? im desperate! lol
  13. tykatem

    FA board appoints first woman in 149-year history

    Heather Rabbatts has become the first female ever to be elected to the board of the Football Association. Rabbatts's appointment as a non-executive director was ratified by the FA Council and ends English football's 149-year history without a woman on the board. I imagine she could only bring...
  14. T

    Electing your property management (board)

    Hi I sent an email to Zaman newspaper and they have put my questions and Berk has responded in two parts on Wednesday 24 November and Monday 29 November 2010. The article is called "Where do property owners stand? An overview of Turkish flat owners' law", the second one has (2) added onto the...
  15. peter the postie

    Wow! Wii Fit Plus & GameOn Balance Board under £50 at Asda

    This is a very good deal!!! Asda deal
  16. D

    İnsulated plaster board

    İ was wondering if anyone knows if this product exists in Turkey and their experience of its worth---i am looking to pad out the walls within my newly boxed off balconies(the old external brick walls)--its plaster board with foam backing and is glued in place??
  17. A

    skirting board

    Hi, does anyone know if you can buy skirting board in Turkey, I have looked in the large diy store at Bodrum and the one near Soke and didnt see any. Thanks
  18. B

    TAPUs and Owners Management Board

    I have bought an apartment on a complex of 262 properties. 1) Although the site is finished it appears that those wh have received their TAPUs have received Kat İrtifakı and not Kat Mülkiyeti suggesting that the site is not ready. They have been informed that the developer will apply for Kat...
  19. B

    Turkish Computer key board

    Can any computer literate members inform me if it is posible to obtain a key board for my computer with the turkish alphabet symbles. or how to asign keys to function. :36:
  20. wiuru

    Can U Buy A Dart Board In Turkey?

    Our two sons will be visiting us shortly in Turkey and we would like to know (as they love their darts) can we buy a dart board anywhere in Turkey? I know we could buy one and here in N Ireland and take it over next month, but it weighs 21 kilos!!! thats the fancy one in the cabinate type, and...
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