1. Yalides

    Wild boar

    Wild boar saga ends as beast found dead near Chippenham (From Wiltshire Times) Not just Turkey you get them....
  2. janA

    Wild boar

    Was'nt sure where to share this. I was walking buddy this morning when i came across this poor wild boar stuck in a snare.
  3. rosewall1

    wild boar joint/chops

    Just been watching Jamie Oliver cooking wild boar in france and rather fancy having a go myself. Big problem I don't have any nor do I know where to get any. So if anyone knows where I can get some or has some they would like to sell to me, Please let me know. PS. I am in living in Bodrum
  4. SonnyJim

    Another WILDLY BOARING story!!!

    Yesterday evening I was walking our dog along a usual country pathway, when SHOCK HORROR a group of 4 or 5 wild boar were coming along same said path in opposite direction some 20 metres away from us. My faithful friend our dog Sonny Jim, ran straight back to me for moral support - I stood...

    Wild Boar.

    Well here we are,Ceyn & I,sitting on our balcony overlooking the wild garden of our complex in front of us,when barely 4 minutes ago i heard a rustling in the bushes below. To my suprise ,two adult & three baby wild boar were snorting & grunting & wandering around in front of us.That's definatly...
  6. W

    Wild boar in Gokcebel

    We were driving through the back streets of Gokcebel in the early hours of Friday morning heading for the main Torba road to go to the airport, got chased 3 times by crazy dogs which we managed to shake off but just as we got close to the main road a hugh wild boar charged across the road in...
  7. C

    Wild Boar / pigs

    Hi All, Just got back from Hillside having discovered lastest issue. Rubbish from bins is being collected and then dumped as land fill up the hill next to Zeus F block -not an issue in itself until night time when wild boar / pigs come down of the mountain as they now have a ready made food...
  8. Harem

    Yaban Domuz (Wild Boar)

    Well, the wild boar were down in the garden again last night. It was as much as I could do to stop my husband from getting the shotgun out and blasting them!! However, as I pointed out to him, no point in killing the creatures if no-one wants them. They have to be skinned and gutted and these...
  9. G

    Wild Boar Available. Hurry

    A friend shot a small wild boar last night and has it for sale cheaply. First there first served. Phone 6180164 [English but often out] or 6180091 [Turkish only]
  10. the sausage king

    wanted wild boar

    If anyone knows of or hears of wild boar for sale please contact me thank you
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