1. mamish

    Help! Windows blue screen

    I have a Surface Go with Windows 10, bought in UK and set up last August. Yesterday I did a system restore as an app was playing up, and the computer didn't come out of it. I get a blue screen with error code 0xc00021a and various options to try and repair. However, I've tried all the options -...
  2. IbrahimAbi

    R.I.P Blue girl

    R.I.P Sahar, at least you highlighted the patheticness of this regime. i really hope that you did not die in vain. An Iranian female football fan has died a week after setting herself on fire outside a courtroom, after learning she may face six months in prison for trying to enter a stadium, a...
  3. S

    Tapu: Shall I take the red one or blue

    So I want to know what kind of 'rabbit-hole' I will end up in trying to buy a villa in Turkey... An estate agent who was trying to win me over (I guess) said take the blue one because you will then own the land. Common sense tell me he is right, but is it worth the premium in price? Kat...

    Blue passport!

    You could not make this up...Sacre Bleu........oh how I laughed.
  5. L

    Blue book for residency

    I took out a 1 year residency a few years ago and then the dreaded 120 days out of the country was introduced so I assumed my residency was cancelled and didn't renew it.The question is will I have to start the process from the beginning again or does the fact I have the blue book mean I can...
  6. M

    Blue residence Visa

    I have a blue residence book visa which expires April 2017. at the moment I use UK travel insurance and spend about two months in the spring and two months in the autumn in Turkey. To renew the permit do i need to take out turkish private medical insurance for the 12 months or 2 years depending...
  7. SonnyJim

    Ice Blue Eyed Izzy!

    We would like to introduce you to Izzy, a beautiful street dog that is desperately looking for a loving home. Her short history as we know it, is that she has been tied up all her life and then suddenly let free. That is when she appeared at our gate starving and desperate for attention. She...
  8. SonnyJim

    Blue Habour Cinema Program

    Does anyone know if there is a website with the Blue Harbour cinema program that is updated regularly? Thanks
  9. S

    Blue car rental

    Would appreciate any feedback on the above. We're thinking of giving them a try next visit. Thanks. Sunseeker
  10. C

    Blue Car Rental (not responding to emails)

    Has anybody used Blue Car Rental Car hire in Bodrum Turkey. 15% discounts for property owners and rental in Bodrum Rent a Car. 13 pound or 14 euro per day Bodrum Car Rental Service. over the last couple of weeks and managed to get email replies. I have used this company many times before and...
  11. beyazbayan

    A plea for the boys in Blue

    They were told as from April it will be civilians dealing with RP and all nufus matters. No didn't happen. Directives from Ankara confusing and badly thought out, yabancis getting very frustrated and only people they can talk to - police. The poor chaps are in the front line without any ammo...
  12. Lez Zetli

    Auto Conversion of Blue Book to Long Term?

    Has anyone else been told that their blue book is now "Long Term"? I renewed my Residence Permit blue book for a five year term last year. Recently I had to show it at the Police Foreigners' department in Izmir for some other business. After going away and doing some checks, they handed it back...
  13. D

    spot blue sales

    Hi guys we have put a thread on before about wanting to buy , and all of you have been amazing we are still looking but might not be till next tear, we have been looking at property in Gumusluk for sale through the company Spot blue has anyone heard of these and any more advice our links to real...
  14. martin m

    Spot blue

    Hi It's no secret that chris and I are selling up, the problem at this moment in time is the Turkish will not want to pay the amount we want based on the exchange rate, so I am checking out a international seller called spot blue who specialise in selling property abroad, having spoke to a...
  15. A

    Customs Office in Istanbul ( for Blue Number Plate Vehicles )

    Hello all, Hope you had a good bayram. Before the holidays I bought a tax free car from a friend. He went back during the holidays, so I have to take the vehicle to the Customs Office on his behalf. I have all the required documentation. I only wanted to know the location of the Customs...
  16. hayabusa

    Residency Permit & Blue Book

    Can any one clarify the difference in RP and Blue book ?. Some say it's the same others say its not, so totally confused ! Please advise if you know the difference and the costs of these per month or per year.
  17. P

    HELP NEED TO GET MEDICATION TO Grand Blue Sky Hotel, Kuşadası / Aydın

    Hello All, I need some help to get some medication to someone that has flown to Turkey today for 1 week and forgotten important medication. Trying to find a courier that specialises in Turkey to send them so they get there in 2 days or so. Any help from you guys would be most appreciated. The...
  18. juco

    Blue tits

    We have a feeder for birds in the garden and enjoy watching various garden birds feed as you get to see them a lot closer. Tonight I was checking a fence post and leaning over where the feeder was to see the back of the wooden post and realised my head was 9 inches away from a Blue tit feeding...
  19. Tommie

    Windows Blue (ie W8)

    Does anyone know anything about the proposed W Blue ? I get the PC World daily bulletin and it has a couple of articles on Blue Deep inside Windows Blue: 10 coolest features in Microsoft's leaked OS 03.25.2013 8:14 AM An early build of Microsoft's big...
  20. Tommie

    Windows Blue (ie W9)

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