1. shirleyanntr

    has Erdo─čan blown his chance

    here's a great article from the ─░ndependent which really highlights the imperfections of this man and feels like many others that he really has blown his chance ...i think he was fully intending Turkey to be leader of the region and fully integrated with the Muslim Brotherhood He's a...
  2. icebern09

    I was blown away....

    ... last week with all your posts, prayers, wishes, thoughts, Oh and soo much encouragement. I have been unable to write anything without bursting into tears. I at least think you deserve an update, If you dont mind, because my head is back on straight. Before that though, let me say Arrian...
  3. altinkum kev

    Knickers blown up.

    Didim a suspicious package left in front of the place of business was ladies' underwear. 01:30 hours on the night of May 1 at New Quarter connected to the center, where a suspicious packet 829'ncu the street in front of a notice of the place of business of the District Police Directorate Anti...
  4. chrissypaul

    City blown it ?

    All over for city now i think,Im now praying for a miracle, City had it won and lost it , but wiill stand them in good stead for next season.:35:
  5. chrissypaul

    Have man utd blown it

    Well,well well 0.0 against blackburn is it over ? If chelsea and arsenal win i think it could be :gulme:
  6. Mushroom

    Digibox blown up !!

    Due to some sort of power surge caused by a short circuit in the electrics at our place, our tenant rang me with the bad news that our Digiturk box had literally gone up in a puff of smoke! The system was only installed last April and he informs me that a new box could be in the region of about...
  7. B

    Blown Away!

    Just had an E-Mail off our Estate Agent saying a neighbour reported that our Pergola (I think that's our "roof") has blown off our home in Akbuk after storms last week. And we were looking forward to a relaxing break in May. Now we have that to sort out... Never ending! Mel (and Anne) Beachhhhhhh
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