1. bickern

    Bloody cameras in Westminster

    The Labour Party leader can be seen sitting on the front bench in the House of Commons picking at his nose during a debate on the flooding crisis. As Labour MP Luke Pollard spoke his leader seemed more interested in his nose than the words of his colleague. After Mr Corbyn removed his finger...
  2. S

    Bloody tempting......

    Just noticed a few flights ex Belfast over to Espana.....£14.99 .........!!!!!
  3. S

    Bloody Christmas is getting near

    God awful Xmas adverts have started! Restaurants advertising their Xmas meals. Shops displaying their Xmas stock.Annoying Xmas music in shopping centres That god damned time of year is almost back upon us. Any other TLFers hate Xmas as much as I do???
  4. S

    Bloody EU!!!!

    I went into Iceland today and just for a laugh attempted to use my Iceland Card after making my purchases The young girl on the till ( one of very few Spanish staff, they're 80% English employees) swiped it then when it didn't work looked at it then said-I am sorry. Your card is UK Iceland...
  5. martin m

    Jealous to bloody death

    Hi. I just wanted to put up a thread with a different angle to all the ones of late about, the troubles, the bombs, IS, people selling up. As a lot of people on here are aware we sold our apartment last year to enable us to visit Australia more to see the three grandkids, so in effect this is...
  6. bal canavar

    Bloody Hatchet Attack

    New York hatchet attack was terrorist act by homegrown radical, police say New York City police commissioner William Bratton says the hatchet attack on four rookie officers was a terrorist act by a homegrown radical. Bratton said Friday the suspect, Zale Thompson, was a Muslim convert who...
  7. S

    Bloody Ants

    Plagued with these buggers more than ever this year. Any tips for getting rid and also an increased population of earwigs
  8. S

    Bloody sales

    You get friggin Xmas over then the big girl has me up at the crack of dawn to taxi her around bloody sales. Hate this time of year
  9. janA

    Bloody Ryanair!!

    Our son is getting married in Ireland next February, so me wanting to be prepared booked our flights. Going Izmir to Stansted with Pegasus then Stansted to Dublin with Ryanair. With a two hour wait inbetweeen flights i thought job sorted. We then co ordinated our flights with other family...
  10. Yalides

    Bloody ads

    These bloody ads popping up between posts are bloody annoying....
  11. giglets

    Bloody Turkish Drivers - Dog Knocked Down

    We were driving down to Fethiye yesterday afternoon to take one of our wee kittens for a booster shot at the Vet's, had just crossed over the main coast road (D400) and were heading through Gunlukbaşi. We saw a couple of young dogs running up towards us, on the other side of the road and a bit...
  12. jenifer

    At last a British version !! and too bloody right !!!

    As I have received this e-mail three times from different sources, I am passing it on to show you what's doing the rounds. This is worth a look, it's verbalising a growing national feeling. At last a British version !! I THINK THIS PERSON HAS IT ALL COVERED. I COULDN'T SPOT ANYTHING HE/SHE...
  13. ted j

    Bloody avast!

    Got a pop up message yesterday from avast antivirus (which I'd had on the lappy for about 10 months) asking if I wanted to buy an upgrade When I ticked "No thanks", I was taken to the upgrade page anyway Now on this page, there is no red x or any way of getting it off your screen ( I even...
  14. christella

    a good pilot or a bloody idiot

    This is a video of a stunt pilot who, is actually a pilot for Delta Airlines . His act at air shows is to pretend that he is a drunken spectator who rushes from the stands and jumps into a Piper Cub and takes off without any understanding of how to fly a plane. The Piper Cub is actually...
  15. T

    The bloody cheek of it!!!!

    We have an Owner on our Complex who for 6 years has not paid a penny towards the communal fees, he lives abroad and says he is not paying because he doesn't use the facilities even though he and his family have been seen in his Duplex. The outer door to the block has now had a new lock fitted...
  16. bickern

    It's your bloody fault

    THE AFGHAN FOOTBALLER The Liverpool FC manager flies to Kabul to watch a Young Afghani play football, is suitably impressed And arranges for him to come over. Two weeks later Liverpool are 4-0 down to Chelsea With only 20 minutes left, the manager gives the young Afghani striker the nod and...
  17. John O' Dreams

    Bloody electric off again!

    What kind of place is this that can't keep its electric supply on? Some people must feel like they've had enough; that it's like living in some sort of backward place! Here
  18. John O' Dreams

    Bloody Sunday - Advanced Sight Arrangements for Saville Report Confirmed

    The Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Owen Paterson, has confirmed arrangements for the families of those killed and injured and soldiers most directly involved to have advanced sight of the report of the Saville Inquiry before the Prime Minister makes his statement to the House of...
  19. martin m

    Why so bloody quiet

    Hi I know this kind of thing gets covered from time to time. BUT WHY THE BLOODY HELL ARE PEOPLE WHO GET RIPPED OF STAYING SO FRIGGING QUIET ABOUT IT. Before any one comes down on me like a ton of bricks, i sympathize greatly with everyone who is conned whilst buying in turkey, simply because...
  20. S


    1 I am not connected to any agent 2 never been to this area in my puff so dont know it BUT A complete villa with all you will ever need including your own pool and something that I would have loved-a roof terrace all for less than 40k!!!!!!! Total bargain in anyones language-amazing value...
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