1. D

    Glass block wall

    About 7 years ago I built a glass block wall in the bathroom. I think the supplier recommended a 50:50 mix of Fugaflex and Fuga standard to cement the blocks together. This worked well, and the wall is still standing. I am now about to build another similar wall. The problem is, I had...
  2. A

    Condominium Law Apartment Block 6

    Our apartment is one of 6 only. I have recently got our Yon Planı, the management plan that the builder registers with Tapu office. Can anybody advise if the Turkish Condominium Law can be applied to apartment block of 6, as well. I cannot see why it would not, but have read conflicting...
  3. immac

    VPN Block Planned

    I have read that Turkey is planning to block use of VPNs. I can´t copy the article from Fethiye Times, and the original source is blocked (surprise). But while hunting, I did find a site that monitors censorship in Turkey in Real Time: Fethiye Times News ...
  4. bal canavar

    Ultra-nationalist to block LGBT Pride March in Istanbul

    Ultra-nationalist group threatens to block LGBT Pride March in Istanbul The Alperen Hearths, an ultranationalist youth organization linked to right-wing nationalist Great Union Party (BBP), has threatened the LGBT Pride March set to take place on June 25 in Istanbul’s Taksim Square, vowing to...
  5. juco

    ad block ad on outlook/hotmail

    Anyone else getting the popup ad to purchase / upgrade outlook/hotmail by purchasing an ad blocker?
  6. Freedom 49

    New Cat on the Block.

    I can't help feeling that this cat has escaped from home as it's not one of our regular Street Cats that are 'All Inclusive' at the office here. If anyone recognises this beautiful cat, maybe they could let the owner know that it's spending time around The Hanay Suit Hotel. At least, between...
  7. N

    "Akbuk Residence" - Tapu holders in Block C

    Hi, I am trying to locate people who own Tapus for block C in a complex which was started several years ago by ARM Construction, called "Akbuk Residence"... about half the site was built, then the builder went bust / disappeared. Block A recently was completed by the people who own Tapus in...
  8. M

    Turkey block YouTube ban

    Turkish officials have defended their move to block access to YouTube, citing national security concerns. The government shut down access to the video-sharing website yesterday after an audio recording of a security meeting was leaked. In the recording, senior officials appeared to be...
  9. T

    Turkey goes from star performer to 'sick man' of the emerging market block says here: Turkey first of Fed Taper victims as political crisis scares investors - Telegraph
  10. Mushtaq

    UK ISPs told to block 21 pirate sites

    Here we go again, some of the popular streaming sits were blocked in the UK few late last week, there is a lot of activity on various forums about this and ways to get round the block. I'm sure members living in Turkey are already familiar with this, but it's something new here in UK. What's a...
  11. T

    yapikredi internet block?

    Hi, I haven't been able to access Yapikredi internet banking for a week, when I called customer services Monday they said they had problems and the system was down although in the bank a Turkish man was accessing with no problems on their customer computer. When I asked why I was told only some...
  12. OWENA

    new boy on the block - builder

    After a long time waiting:lalala: we are now in the process of getting our repairs and decorating done on our apt. We have had various quotes from reasonable to the ridiculous and have opted for BPPM, based in Yalikavak. We decided to go with them after making enquiries from past clients...
  13. Lez Zetli

    Block Republic Day deluge on Facebook

    If you have a lot of Turkish facebook friends you might have noticed that they have switched into frenetic ultra nationalism mode again. They seem to do this every two or three weeks or so for various special days in history and plaster the place with outpourings of undying love for Atatürk...
  14. Y

    Problems with apartment block neighbors

    I moved to a new apartment last July which I am renting. Its a block of 6 apartments, all other residents are native Turks. Not long after I moved in the shared stairwell electricity was cut off ... this runs the building entry door bell system, automatic opening and lighting. After a while I...
  15. D

    New Kids on the Block!

    Angela and Dennis here, trying hard to get on a 'look-see' flight during the 1st week of June to Bodrum, but it's half term and flights from Stansted are hiked and fixed dates. We're impressed with what we've read about Akbuk so are targeting that area. We're seasoned expats having lived and...
  16. tykatem

    Iran threatens to block Strait of Hormuz

    Iran seems to be pumping up its chest yet again:- Iran says it may close a vital oil-trade route if the West imposes more sanctions over its controversial nuclear programme. Vice-President Mohammad Reza Rahimi warned that "not a drop of oil will pass through the Strait of Hormuz" if sanctions...
  17. A89

    Can turkcell block a number??

    Does anyone know if its possible to have a number blocked that is trying to call and text? Someone (no idea who) is repeatedly texting and calling my mobile and its driving me mad! Ignoring it doesnt seem to be working. When I try to call to ask who they are and what they want they dont answer.
  18. chelsea boy

    uk phone block

    My daughter was given a uk phone for birthday and registered it in march this year in Turkey. All ok on avea, lots of texting et al, all topped up on time etc and just now got message displayed...inactive sim. Off we trot to the avea shop and they said that a foreign phone be registered for 3...
  19. R

    New Kids On The Block

    Hi all, we are new to the forum!!! we have been visiting Turkey for the past 4 years, having purchased a property off plan on our 1st visit, in Gorgeous Akbuk. So far so good!!!! We are over next week & have a spare ticket for sale if anybody is interested, MCR-Bodrum 11/8/10 Thomas Cook...
  20. M

    New kids on the block - meetup?

    Hi All In Bodrum from Saturday for 3 weeks with my 2 children (13 (boy), & 15 (girl), husband and friends joining us the following week. Staying for the first time in our apartment between Gumusluk and Yalikavak - so exciting. Where can we go to meet up with fellow forum users? Although my...
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