1. G

    Mosquito Blinds

    Does anyone know someone who can supply and fit the sliding Mosquito door blinds in the Calis Beach are? We need 3 doors doing. Many thanks Gary
  2. E

    Vertical blinds

    Hi where can we get some vertical blinds in yalikavak
  3. T

    Vertical Blinds

    Anyone know if there is a vertical blind supplier in or around Akbuk? Thanks Peter
  4. tinkycarol

    Blackout blinds available in Turkey?

    Hi, I have a blackout roller blind at my bedroom window (plain coloured 'cotton' with a special backing on the window side which stops the light coming in). Can you buy these or similiar in Turkey? If not I can bring over as for 2ft wide windows. Thanks, Carol
  5. D

    Wooden Blinds

    Hi All, I'm looking for wooden blinds......anybody know a place where it is posible to get a fair deal??
  6. G

    curtains and blinds

    We have a place in Yalikavak and will be coming out 23 april, can anyone suggest where to get curtains and blinds, reasonably priced, please.
  7. LINDA4654

    Vertical Blinds

    Hi all Could anyone tell me where I can buy vertical blinds. If oneone knows do they fit them? Thanks in advance I am over on Saturday to buy and I will be putting all the advice I have had off the site into action! :lol:
  8. D

    Curtains or Blinds?????

    Does anyone know if curtains or blinds are cheaper to get? I like the idea of wooden blinds, but im not sure if you can get them up in the village, or if you can how much they cost roughly? Donna
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