1. Yalides

    Electric blankets

    Two electric blankets, largest we have found over here. 10TL each.
  2. M

    Wanted old blankets and towels

    I am a volunteer at the Didim Dog Shelter and I am appealing for any old Towels or Blankets that we could use at the shelter. With the wet weather, we are in desperate need of any old towels/blankets, as we do not have enough dry ones to keep the puppies / dogs warm. If you do have any that you...
  3. Harem

    Electric blankets

    Does anybody know where I can buy a GOOD electric blanket in Fethiye, please. Not from Migros (unless they have vastly improved) nor from anywhere cheap. Cheap is what you pay and cheap is what you get and I really want a good one, one that is going to heat my bed and is going to last. Thanks.
  4. I

    Van blankets tomorrow

    Reposted from a friend The (Ekonomi Rotaract Club)is collecting clothes(Mont,sweaters,woolen scarfs,woolen hats,shoes,etc.)for sending to Van where the earthquake hit so badly!please if you can bring if any to Sevinc Pastanesi by tomorrow morning pickup time will be 2pm.
  5. L

    electric blankets

    does anyone know if we can buy electric blankets in metro or koctas or anywhere else in bodrum/turgetreis area? are they roughly same price as uk or more expensive? we are coming over in 2 weeks and wondered whether it would be worth our while bringing them over :36:
  6. S

    Electric blankets??

    Does anyone know where in Bodrum if at all we can buy electric blankets? Having moved here in February this year feel we might need them and couldn't fit any more English goodies in our cases on the last trip Any ideas?? Sara
  7. P

    electric blankets

    :eyeye: As the nights are getting so cold now i really miss my electric blanket.Anyone know where i can buy one? :ukflag: .I live in Davutlar so Soke and Kusadasi are my nearest towns i think, and what about smoke dectors? anyone bought them in Turkey?
  8. K

    Duvets, Pillows & Blankets?

    Dear All Not wanting to sound daft, I don't particularly want to being all this stuff over with me. Where is the best price to buy sheets, bedding, kitchen plates and cutlery - is it in the markets and if so when and where do they happen near Altinkum?:)
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