1. Mushtaq

    Erdogan: Not right to blame Iran for Saudi attacks

    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan yesterday urged caution over blaming Iran for the 14 September attacks on Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities. Speaking during an interview with Fox News, Erdogan said: “Well I don’t think it would be the right thing to blame Iran”, adding that the attacks came...
  2. Firefox

    Easy to Blame Turkey

    Authorities in England are blaming Turkish Airlines for Allowing 3 X 15 year old school Girls from East London to board flight to Istanbul then onto Syria to be Jihad Brides. Really!! Man Bite Dog
  3. bickern

    Don't Blame the Dog

    New series starts this evening for dog lovers everywhere. Season 1 Episode 1 of 6 New series. Documentary in which the owners of poorly behaved canines spend a week with people who depend on the animals for survival or as part of their jobs, an experience it is hoped could prompt them to...
  4. Yogi

    Social Housing partly to blame for UK riots

    Excuses, excuses..stop giving the low-lifes who participated in the riots a get out clause. I wouldn't particulaly want to live on one of these estates but if I did that doesn't give me a valid reason to run riot. --------------- The layout of post-war social housing estates encourages...

    I blame saoirse

    Well it seems now that its offical, the Brits are not so happy with life and their lot What do you think? whats the cause?and who is to blame? Brits fare badly in ‘happiness index’ - UK, Local & National -
  6. T

    Who's to blame

    Hi all .... There have been alot of post about AI ( all inclusive ) and how they are putting bars and eating places out of business . Have AI taken off because of the prices bars charge ( I got charged 6ytl for a can of fanta and 6 ytl for a beer ) or Because of the hassel . I do not like...
  7. Pennie

    Blame and claim

    Is there anyone else out there who is sick to the back teeth of the blame and claim society we are living in today. There are circumstances where I feel people are entitled to make claims and others where I think it is terrible. I was reading the Times yesterday, and there was an article about a...
  8. T

    Blame The Estate Agents?

    BLAME THE ESTATE AGENT. 1. A client views a property on the net. agrees to travel to turkey to view.client likes the property.wants to purcash. at agreed price. agent contacts the uk seller only to be told they now want another 20 thousand pound above the asking price? AGENTS FAULT? 2. client...
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