1. IbrahimAbi

    Congratulations to Blackpool Fans

    Congratulations to Blackpool Fans for getting rid of the leaches that were the Oyston family. May they now move forward with vigour
  2. M

    Blackpool v Altinkum & Apollon Holiday Village

    Thankyou to everyone who posted a view on my previous post about Altinkum being compared to Blackpool. There were quite some comments there! Phew! lol!!! Anyway im really gratefull for the advice, and i have found it really helpful in deciding what our next move should be when buying a...
  3. M

    Altinkum like Blackpool??

    Im currently looking for a holiday home abroad - just for our own use in school holidays as we have 3 young sons in primary school. We do not want it as an invetment property as we dont want to share lol! Altinkum seems a good place after looking in various countries, the price on some places...
  4. Yalides

    Foamy Blackpool

    A wet winter wonderland! High winds blow foam over seaside resort to make it look like it's snowed | Mail Online That your car in the middle of that lot Lesley ?
  5. mrkeith

    From Blackpool to the Bernabeu

    I read this and thought about ordinary people realising a dream and he has. Wonderful short story. BBC Sport - Football - From Blackpool to the Bernabeu
  6. Sunny Seasider

    Congratulations Blackpool

    Well done and well deserved, what a game I can hardly speak, lol, soooooo emotional today. Well, for those of you members who do not know, Blackpool is a seaside resort, in fact one of the biggest in Europe, with some of the biggest fun rides of your life, lol. The local footy team are...
  7. luckycat68

    Blackpool weekend

    We have just returned from a great weekend in Blackpool - didn"t see much as it was a thick fog all weekend but we managed to get out and around shopping ! Many thanks to SS and Larry for their hospitality and great company Photos on my gallery :24:
  8. KKOB

    Huge Blaze in the Centre of Blackpool

    BBC NEWS - Blaze engulfs Blackpool town centre arcade
  9. D

    NEW Member in not so sunny Blackpool

    Hi i have just joined the group,we live in Blackpool,but we are looking to buy and possibly move out to turkey.We are looking at the Akbuk area so any info would be gratefuly accepted :)
  10. K

    New member from sunny Blackpool!

    Hi to all,Just come across this site, still finding my way around it but it's looking good.My name is karl I am married with two sons, after reserving an apartment early last year in Side from Mecitoglu Homes we are finally at the stage of furnishing etc.So we are looking forward to many visits...
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