1. C

    bitez belediye - paying property tax

    Hi Can anybody tell me where to pay property tax in bitez? Ive heard there's a new office in the village and also been told I have to go to central bodrum to pay... Anybody paid this year and can give me a definite location?
  2. lilacdiana

    Transfer from Bodrum to Bitez.

    Can anyone recommend a transfer company from Bodrum airport please. Have not been there for a while and the last time we came we used Luckycat who I think is back in the UK now!! Many thanks Di
  3. S

    Book Sale on Sunday 5th - Bitez

    Dont't forget there is a book sale in Defne Restaurant in Bitez on Sunday 5th from 11am to 1pm. BacktoBodrum: Books in Bodrum
  4. stepwolf

    charity shops in Bitez or Bodrum area?

    are there any charity shops in bitez/bodrum? my mrs loves them (cant move for books here), and last year in turunc she found a "cat rescue", honest. its run by a lovely couple from bridge of wier a few miles outside Glasgow.
  5. J

    New Bitez Dondurma shop in Yalikavak - BEWARE

    Yesterday evening I was down in Yalikavak with my wife and son. My son fancied a waffle with ice cream, so we stopped at the new Bitez Dondurma shop (used to be Tameros) in the main precinct. We went up to the counter and ordered a waffle with ice cream, a white coffee, a can of coke and a...
  6. A


    looking to go to bitez in oct for a couple of days is there much to do in bitez do they have a market is there many shops and restaurants we are not ones for the beach any recomendations for bb hotels thanks

    Book Sale in Bitez

    I would like confirmation please on the date for the next book sale at Bitez. Is it tomorrow Sunday 18th May at Defne Restaurant in Bitez? With no television at present, we are getting through lots of books!:hmm:
  8. D

    Bitez Book Sale - 1st December 2013

    FYI, the next Bitez book sale will take place on Sunday the 1st December at the usual place; Defne restaurant in Bitez (map):
  9. D

    Bitez Book Sale - 29th September, 2013

    FYI, the next Bitez book sale will take place today (Sunday the 29th September) at the usual place; Defne restaurant in Bitez (map):
  10. C

    Dentist in Gumbet/Bodrum

    Hi everyone I am trying ti fud a dentist in Gumbet/Bodrum/Bitez? Found one in Kusadassi but don't want to travel 3/4 times a week on my hols? Has anyone ever had or know anyone who has had work done here? Thanks :)
  11. S

    Holiday rental wanted Bitez

    Hiya, a friend of mine is looking for a holiday rental for 2 weeks any time from the end of July to the end of August for 2 adults and 2 older children (10 and 16), preferably in Bitez but around about is ok, must have a pool. Thanks Sara
  12. H

    New season restaurant bitez

    Last week we had dinner in New Season Restaurant on the beach in Bitez. Two of us had chicken fajitas, which was a very tasty, not to spicy, dish. Everything was good value for money and we enjoyed the dinner. Because we had a good experience we went back yesterday evening with a group of 8...
  13. D

    Bitez Book Sale - 19th May, 2013

    FYI, the next Bitez book sale will take place on Sunday the 19th May at the usual place; Defne restaurant in Bitez (map):
  14. C

    Anyone for tennis?

    I am arriving in Bodrum April 8th for 3 months and will be looking for men/ladies to play singles/doubles tennis. Naturally this will be either fairly early in the morning or in the early evening. I am based in Bitez but have a car week, and like to play 4/5 times per week. Anywhere in Bodrum...
  15. T

    Bitez 2013

    Hi all just wondering what changes have taken place in Bitez ie restaurants etc since last year. Regards Gerry:thumbup:
  16. E

    Property scam in Bitez.

    We bought a property in Bitez in 2003. We received our military clearance in 2004. Our lawyer and ourselves tried to secure our deeds but there was always an excuse. Our lawyer drew up court papers - the property sellers then admitted they had transferred our deeds into a Bodrum Business man's...
  17. D

    Bitez Book Sale - 9th December, 2012

    FYI, the next Bitez book sale will take place on Sunday the 9th December at the usual place; Defne restaurant in Bitez (map):
  18. luckycat68

    Bitez today

    Spent a lovely day in Bitez , quite a few people about and the weather was great - ended up having a lovely Chinese at Salmakis -- Thanks:cheers:
  19. D

    Bitez Book Sale - 29th September, 2012

    FYI, the next Bitez book sale will take place on Saturday the 29th September at the usual place; Defne restaurant in Bitez (map):
  20. U

    Rental wanted around Bitez / Ortakent / Gurece

    I posted a similar thread in April but now conditions changed. Looking for a house to rent in Ortakent, Bitez or in Gurece if it is close to Dolmus as I will start to work in Marmara College. Must have a private garden. Budget around 1000. Thank you...
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