1. mollag

    Another one bites the dust

    Another one bites the dust, "Bannings" is history, same as my Purple people one earlier in the day. Has Erdogan got em all scaredycat?. Counting down to the removal, 10, 9, ----------- Is there anything our mods would like to tell us?, silent removal is just throwing petrol on the fire.
  2. Sha Hoorsur

    Sold up in Turkey, another one bites the dust.

    After much thought, my wife and I reluctantly decided to sell up in Turkey. Mainly due to her failing health, the heat is just proving too much for her, and the pavements are certainly not suitable for a wheelchair. To be honest, the whole atmosphere has changed, many of our old acquaintances...
  3. B

    Another one bites the dust.

    BBC News - Obituary: Mickey Rooney After decades in show-business, Mickey Rooney has left the stage. RIP. Bill.
  4. bickern

    Another one bites the dust.

    Paul Gambaccini denies allegations of historic sexual offences after Operation Yewtree arrest. Veteran broadcaster Paul Gambaccini has denied all allegations after being arrested on suspicion of sexual offences as part of Operation Yewtree. Mr Gambaccini, who has worked for the BBC on and off...
  5. translator

    Power Cut for Bites

    Power Cut for Bitez On 15.08.2013 (Thu) between 09:00 - 13:00 there shall be a power cut at the following areas; Pınarlı Street Bağarası Restaurant and surrounding area.
  6. giglets

    Another one Bites the Dust

    Another well loved Actor takes the Final Bow. BBC News - Are You Being Served? actor Frank Thornton dies aged 92
  7. B

    An other old'un bites the dust.

    BBC News - Alfie Fripp, oldest British PoW, dies aged 98 I'l bet this old fella had some tales to tell. Bill.
  8. P

    Another one bites the dust

    Citrus bar gone
  9. A

    beware the lawyer to bites back

    beware the lawyer who bites back In 2007 we sold an Turkish asset to a UK resident. we used our own lawyer who we have used in the past and paid a lot of money in fees.He is on the Consulate list of approved lawyers. We gave him power of attorney and agreed a fee. He drew up a sales contract...
  10. C

    unusual bites

    Hi Everyone, as anybody had a queer sort of bite I'm positive its not mossy's, we have had a couple example the one I had last night started as an itch on my finger and within minutes the itching was all the way up my arm!! drove me crazy for about an hour But no real sign of a bite???? I know...
  11. perfect1949

    another bites the dust

    after fayzs closing , now mr doctors facing samdima bar as closed . it was so sad to whatch the bailiffs taking everything from his restaurant and bar now it is just a shell . who will be next i wonder . dave
  12. Susan

    Another One Bites The Dust.

    I have never seen so many Threads opened and then closed because the person who opened the thread has requested it to be closed as it was not going in their favour. Now the last one to be closed did not go of topic, as the member asked the question herself in the thread and got replies. So it...
  13. yalimart

    goldtrail goes into administration

    they were selling flights from manchester last week for £49 sad really martin
  14. M

    mosquito bites

    hi everyone, i have just got back from a weeks holiday in side. last tuesday night i was bitten twice on the ankle by a mosquito, (i always, always get bitten) they were itchy as usual and quite big, on saturday one of them came up in a big blister, it looked horrible. every now and then it...
  15. bobthenob

    lnsect Bites

    l thought l'll start up a thread about how to recogize the bites of an insect.The source of the information you see is from the msm webpage and also the photos. Love the great outdoors? So do bugs, who enjoy summer nibbles just like the rest of us. Unfortunately, the playing field changes...
  16. tomc1984

    Mosqito bites

    Anyone in Yalikavak know where we can buy mosquito candles and / or best tips to stop the little blighters, Karen is being eaten, normally it is me but not yet, touch wood.
  17. KKOB

    Shot Dog Bites Gunman's Nose

    BERLIN (Reuters) - A dog in Germany shot by a drunken man with a gun took swift revenge by biting off the end of the man's nose, authorities said on Monday. Shot dog bites gunman's nose - Reuters
  18. shirleyanntr

    man bites donkey

    here's a 'bit...'' from todays Turkish Daily News...would he get fined in the Uk by RSPCA Biting the donkey back Thursday, June 5, 2008 OSMANİYE – Doğan News Agency A man who was bit by the donkey he was riding had to bite back to free his arm, the Doğan news agency reported yesterday...
  19. gren

    Use Vinegar On Mosquito Bites!

    Thats it. Try it!! (preferably distilled Vinegar - dab on with cotton wool)
  20. KKOB

    Mosquito Bites

    Excepts from an article By Nic Fleming, Science Correspondent , The Daily Telegraph 31st AUGUST 2007 Scientists have worked out why mosquitoes make a beeline for certain people but appear to leave others almost untouched. Specific cells in one of the three organs that make up the mosquito’s...
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