1. IbrahimAbi

    A bit of a 'Do' in Bodrum

    Turkey’s resort district of Bodrum in the southwestern province of Muğla is hosting a lavish multi-day Indian wedding. “Three planes, 15 jets and 60 vehicles were rented for the guests,” said Geylan Dursunoglu, manager of the Bodrum by Paramount Hotels and Resorts. Bodrum hosting lavish Indian...
  2. IbrahimAbi

    A bit of the other

    I found this article particularly interesting:- ''A majority of Turkish youth are against the “other,” according to research carried out by Bilgi University. A study titled “Understanding the Process of ‘Othering’ in Encounters: Discussing Empathy and Equality with Youth in Turkey” focuses on...
  3. Camden

    Add a bit of *Sparkle*

    Went to Brighton for the weekend saw a nice piece of Sparkle for Christmas
  4. mollag

    A bit of nookie

    Barnes and Noble are abandoning the Nook format for ebook downloads. Is the Nook like Kindle where you can load your own downloaded books onto it? Should I be keeping a weather eye open for cheap nook e readers coming along? Is This the End for the Barnes & Noble NOOK? -- The Motley Fool
  5. Gazarra

    Bit of Advice Wanted.

    As some of you know we sold our apartment in November. I'm having a bit of trouble trying to get the advance site fees I paid returned. 1,326 YTL., not a lot of money, but the management company say they can't pay as there is no money in the Blue Water Bay account. Has any other member...
  6. Spurs

    Bit late now !!

    This pledge, conversation, idea or whatever comes 20 years too late. This is not one of those "better late than never" jobs. It negligence that has been going on for years................they should have nailed these sods once they opened their mouths. Free speech? It should be a free cell or a...
  7. I

    bit of help from the girls re marriage in registery office

    Girls quick question, when getting married in the registry office what to wear! When my friend married she wore a summer dress with nice hair and makeup, however my whole family want to come as they won't make our wedding party in my inlaws city and they are expecting me in a proper wedding...
  8. K

    Q. Working in Turkey (A bit of a long-shot)

    This is a bit of a long shot, but I used to live in Turkey for months at a time all through my childhood since I was 7 years old. I am now back in the UK studying. I'm a psychology student and I'm wanting to become a registered clinical psychologist somewhere down the line. After graduation I...
  9. S

    Weather A Bit Cooler?

    We are coming out next Tuesday for 12 days for our last visit this year. I've been looking at the temperatures over the last week since the rain and it seems to be much cooler although temperatures seem to be gradually rising again for the next few days. I guess it will be nice and warm during...
  10. bickern

    Bit of a bummer

    Woman hospitalised after removing stolen $5,000 from her rectum. A Tennessee woman has been hospitalised after she tried to remove $5,000 (£3,226) from her rectum. Christie Black had stolen the cash from her boyfriend and put it in her ‘hiding place’, before she was injured trying to remove...
  11. Sunny Seasider

    A bit of Christmas Pleasure Girls & Boys

    Well ahem seeing as we are now into that month, you know when we all get expectant at what Father Christmas may have in his sack for us all. Well just for a bit of cyber fun, I have got a huge cyber bunch of Misteltoe, now come on and don't be shy. Who would you like to cyberly get under your...
  12. H

    A bit hard sentences to translate

    Let's try ourselves in a bit complex sentences instead of basic ones. Please translate those sentences into English. 1. Havaalanına gitmek için banliyö trenini kullan 2. Pamukkale önceden daha beyazmış. 3. Aradığım kitabı hiç bir yerde bulamıyorum. 4. iPhone almaya karar verdim. 5. Küresel...
  13. shirleyanntr

    A bit of Turkish practice

    im going over my notes ready to start off with our little language learners group next month and i believe that comprehension in reading writing listening and speaking is the key to making some progress in this difficult language. this little piece is one i did some time ago..have a look at...
  14. Firefox

    That’s a bit Rich

    The worlds richest women after the Queen of England is lecturing all you poor people out there to Drink Less Smoke less Work hard Richest woman: Poor should smoke and drink less, work harder | CTVNews If it means me losing my mind I don’t want to be Rich do you?
  15. TNT123

    Having to wait a bit longer

    Hi All. Ive only been on your forum for just over a week now and how life can change in 7 short days.This time last week I was looking forward to coming living out there in wouderfull Alanya now its on hold.I need medical treatment for an illness and the doctors says its best putting living off...
  16. perfect1949

    how many pair's do you have ? just for a bit of fun

    Victoria's secret revealed: Women now own an average of THIRTY FOUR pair of knickers | Mail Online just for a bit of light hearted humor . dave
  17. P

    A bit late but

    Our Helping hands registered charity is having an auction at Erol's wine bar in Didim Today at 7pm, Please bring your item's between 10am and 4 pm. The last one raised 600TL for wheel chairs, we take 10% you get the rest. We also collect bottle tops Erol's wine house is at the last roundabout...
  18. icebern09

    The bastard bit back !!!!!!!!!

    Sorry about the language, (and spelling) This has got to be the hardest thing I have ever written, so forgive any mistakes please. Went to clinic yesterday to have a head scan AND to get the results...and as you can probaly guess they were not good. The cancer has spread to my brain..,, and...
  19. Gazarra

    Bit of Advice Needed.

    We have recently sold our business in Finland and we are moving back to the U.K. on the 23rd. of this month. I was operated for bowel cancer two years ago and like most of you receive check/ups and tests on a three month basis. Now that I am moving back I will of course register with a new...
  20. I

    A bit worried

    Probably premature to post in the Cancer section however I am not sure where else to put it. Had my mammogram (I've been having them annually for a while) and Ultrasound today and in the ultrasound the doctor spotted that one of the cysts' contents had changed from liquid to solid. My...
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