1. S

    Kitchen bistro table and two stools New

    This was purchased last month and has been used a couple of times, due to a change in circumstances it is now for sale 350tl
  2. beyazbayan

    Bistro Flloyd

    Went to breakfast on Sunday and what a spread great food so good we are going again this week for my birthday. However, will be at their new premises opposite Lokanta Su used to be called the Turkish House. Wish İ had taken a picture of the food but then İ am such a numpty İ would not have...
  3. altinkum kev

    Ozcan Sirin Bistro Altinkum

    Today is a sad day when we buried my good friend Ozcan owner of the Sirin Bistro , who sadly took his own life at the age of 25. hope you find peace and happiness now. will miss you a genuine man.
  4. I

    Bistro 2000 - what happened?

    Does anyone know what has happened to Bistro 2000 as I believe that it has been demolished to make way for some new development.:crying: Any update would be appreciated.
  5. denise bannell


    The place that I have been talking about is in Gumusluk Harbour Some work still needs doing to the property and a Bistro menu Sunday had its first Brunch for 15 ytl great sucess
  6. C

    Zara bistro

    As from Tuesday, we will be opening our Bistro on the first floor of our Cafebar for evening dining. Great intimate venue with soft lights and sea views. Come and join us for a relaxing evening with delicious evening specials including Lamb Shanks in red wine, Seafood Tagliatelle, Zara Special...
  7. denise bannell

    Restaurant or Bistro Survey

    Restaurant or Bistro Survey in Bodrum area Having been in the trade for 17 years and now retired I Look around to see what types of Restaurants are busy and if not why not My question... do you like Bistros or Restaurant would you like to have an area for games like backgammon, darts or...
  8. L

    New Bistro

    We have just visited a newly opened coffee/bistro in Yalikavak. Its owned by a young Turkish guy who has lived in the US for the last 15 years. He sells lots of different'real' coffees and its has a sort of Italian theme in the food, sandwiches, salads, desserts etc, a lot of different types of...
  9. J

    Bistro photos

    trying to attached photos
  10. J

    Village Bistro in Kadriye

    We went to the openning night of the new Bistro which is part of the established Irish Bar in kadriye last night. Ron and his wife Joyce own it - unfortunately due to a family bereavement Joyce had to go back to the UK and Ron really worked hard to continue as planned. He did a great job and a...
  11. Jenny

    Restuarants & Bars in Fethiye

    we went there one night last week and the food was lovely. you go in and its all there cooked and you say what you want and they bring it to your table. the food was gorgeous, especially the cheesey meatball thingy mmmmmm making my mouth water just thinking of it. its just next to the duck pond...
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