1. S

    Date of birth

    Saw this today on my Turkish Facebook. Interesting fact. Useless but interesting. Add your date of birth to your age now and it will be 2019. Apparently this will only occur this year. The wonders of numbers eh! Try it.
  2. mollag

    NHS birth.

    This today from the first child born of the NHS , very poignant when you consider the slow demolition of this system which WAS the envy of the world, even the USA envied what we had and seem now to want to destroy. :38: 69 years ago at 12.01am I was born . So was our National Health Service .As...
  3. mollag

    Separated at birth

    Separated at birth Benny Boris
  4. beyazbayan

    Who or What gave birth to the Terrorists group

    İ would be interested in hearing the views of the forum members as to who or what gave birth to the various terrorists group that now plague the World.
  5. beyazbayan

    İSİS who gave birth to them?

    Now the truth emerges: how the US fuelled the rise of Isis in Syria and Iraq Seumas Milne This is one of several article on the internet worth reading. ''He who rides the tiger cannot dismount'' or ''So shall you reap what you sow''
  6. K

    Birth experience in Antalya?

    Hi All I know this had been covered on here already but the posts are quite old. I just wondered what peoples experience has been here in Antalya city having a natural birth? I went back to the UK for my first child but as he is 5 now he will be at school so this isn't possible. I had a good...
  7. Neil_Denizli

    Birth Registration

    Can a birth be registered at the consulate in Bodrum, or must this be done in Istanbul or Ankara only? I tried contacting them but anable to get through ...
  8. M

    Uk birth certificate/passport

    My Daughter lives in Northern Cyprus and gave birth to a baby 3 weeks ago. My Daughter is English, babies Dad is Turkish, they are not married. The babies birth has been registered in Northern Cyprus, does anyone know how she can register the birth in the UK as she wants to apply for a European...
  9. suzyq

    Birth and Death Registrations in Turkey

    Just seen this on the UK in Turkey website UKinTurkey 9 hrs · From 14 January 2015, birth registrations and death registrations in Turkey will transfer from the British Consulate General Istanbul to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) in the UK. There are no changes to the entitlement...
  10. K

    Bye-bye to birth control

    Erdogan wants lots of bouncing turkish babies, look out ladies, you have been warned, birth control is officially TREASON...
  11. S

    Tragic birth

    Terrible for the parents as separation may cause both to die Yahoo News UK & Ireland - Latest World News & UK News Headlines
  12. C

    Registering a birth to unmarried couple

    Hi all, my partner (Turkish) gave birth to our son 6 days ago. We went to the Nufus office today & they said they were unable to add my name to the documents as I am not Turkish. I need the document to contain my full name to enable me to register the birth in the UK via the British consular...
  13. R

    Giving birth in Izmir

    Hello all, my family and I are due to move to izmir in September. I am currently pregnant with number four and will require a c-section; I am wondering if anybody has experience of this in one if the private hospitals in the area? Any advise or information is hugely appreciated! So many thanks :)
  14. R

    Wife Giving Birth

    Hello! I am new to the site. I am from the states but my wife is a Turk. We have the state or national insurance from my employer. I am curious the cost of having a c-section in Turkey. We are in Adana and her doctor is Dr. Riza Taze from Medline Hospital. Any information of insight would be...
  15. H

    Child's Birth Certificate Error?

    Hello, My brother has married a Turkish girl in Turkey a few years ago and have just had a baby at a private hospital in Turkey. However, my brothers name is not on the birth certificate but is on the Formul A. This sounds strange to me but was done at the hospital - is this correct? If not...
  16. J

    ho much is medical costs f or giving birth in turkey at private hospital

    hi my daughter lives in north cyprus andas been told that medical costs for baby birth is approx 4000tl does anyone no how much it costs here in turkey?
  17. M

    Giving birth in turkey help!

    Heya I'm currently 8 month pregnant and married to a turkish citizen we have a 15month old son together who was born in england but this pregnancy due to being in early labour I have to give birth here because I can't fly back home. We've found out it will cost us nothing because I can go on my...
  18. M

    placing my sons turkish father on his birth certificate!!

    Hi I'm british and married to a turkish man and we have a 14 month old son together but sadly my husband couldnt be in england for the birth so he was unable to be placed on the birth certificate and we were only engaged when my son was born so my son can't obtain a turkish kimlik. I'm just...
  19. C

    Returning to the UK to give birth?

    Hi everyone I have seen a few posts where people who have been living in Turkey have said that they returned to the UK to give birth, and I just wanted to get some info about how realistic it is to be able to do this? We are planning to move back to Turkey, and would like it to be sooner...
  20. skydog

    Birth Control News

    ‎"Many of you have likely seen the "heart rending" testimony of Ms. Sandra Fluke, a law student at Georgetown University , before a Congressional Committee this week. She was lamenting that no one would subsidize her birth control expenses, which she claimed would amount to $3000 during her...
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